A Metamorphosis

I am so happy to be back and writing. Recently, my depression coincided with a fall-out of my outside world and I lost it. I took a couple weeks off to myself to help get my head under control and perhaps emerge from a dark cocoon as a glimmering butterfly and harrow in some new stage in my life.

Alas, we all know that plans never go all the way to fruition. But I did recede into myself for awhile. I analyzed who and what I was and started at the basics of “I AM” and worked my way outward. Eventually, I reached a place where I could examine talents that I might could utilize for the appreciation of the people. I am right here right now and I want to write to you about our favorite thing: Anime!

But I still have this urge to dig deeper and deeper into what this medium really means for us, and I will continue to do so. I am alive and feeling wonderful and I have a plethora of new ideas that I will begin to plant the seeds of soon. I have a direction I would like to take this blog and I will steer it that way, but perhaps the trails we find and wander along the way shall eventually compose itself?

Over the next few weeks I will be putting forward a bunch of new articles and ideas some may stick some might not, thanks to all of you who have helped me!

A Little R and R

For those of you who do not know, my family and I have went through a rough couple weeks here, which I hope helps to explain the lack of content coming from me.

Over the weekend my Father had a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and had 100% blovkage on his right side and 50% blockage on his left side. Luckily, they got him quickly into surgery and he is at home now and doing much better.

For me, it was some sort of trigger scare. I’t always hurts to lose or come close to losing a loved one, and my Father means more to me than I can describe. I think it has forced me to come to grips with my own mortality in a way, and started some gears turning in my head for an article.

Then I, having gone without my antidepressants for awhile coupled with that stress and some other hard things that have been weighing on my mind led to some kind of semi-psychotic episode. Sort of like Broly in Dragon Ball Z only not THAT angry. I slept for days, hurt myself, drove around fast, etc. but I’ve finally calmed down and come to grips with it as well. As some of you know, I’m still trying to learn to cope with my mental illness.

Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone who’s been hanging around, everyone who sent me kind words, my awesome staff members (Both Eddies) who help keep the facebook page going when I’m being bonkers. I DO actually have some halfway decent articles on the way that should be up soon, and I love all of you readers.

But also, I’m really ready to take the next step and start working together to help others by fundraising of some kind. I guess the very first quest we need to achieve is to get 1000 followers on Facebook. Please help me make the dream come true!

Return From Sickness

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been absent this past week, I had a weird bout of stomach sickness, and then right after my computer started to have problems with the keyboard. The upper right part of the keyboard decided not to work anymore, I tried working through it by copy and pasting and then by typing on my phone but it was too frustrating. Soon I will take my computer and get it fixed, but for now I got a wireless keyboard that’s working out pretty well.

Anyways, I have four or five articles I’ve written up in my notebooks that just need to be proofread and then typed out, so expect a handful of entries over the next few days! And as an apology for missing the past week (and I’ve been excited to do these anyways.) I’ve decided to do my first giveaway. Check our Facebook page for details!