Fire Force: First Impressions

To tell the truth Fire Force didn’t really capture my attention at the beginning of the Summer 2019 Anime Season. I remember looking over the list and seeing the name and checking the description, but I guess I overlooked what all it said because I had the impression that it was just an anime about firefighters. I thought it sounded like a pretty neat and unique concept, but I did not give it anymore thought until my wife (she’s so great!) started watching it and kept recommending it to me.

Fire Force is an anime about fire fighters, but it goes much deeper than that. It takes place at an unspecified time in the future and the world is slowly falling apart. Rising temperatures have caused the sea levels to jump, eliminated a large part of landmass and pushing populations closer together. Society is also now plagued by the haunting phenomena of spontaneous combustion. Without any warning and seemingly at complete random, people have been bursting into flames, becoming a sort of demon figure known as Infernals. It is up to the Fire Force squads to respond to calls, eliminate fires, and using their own fire related abilities, put the Infernals to rest.

The show focuses on Special Fire Force Company 8 and their new recruit Shinra Kusakabe. Shinra is a third generation pyrokinetic, who specializes at creating flames from the bottom of his feet. Shinra is haunted by his past, as a child he accidentally caused a house fire that killed his mother and brother. This left him with a desire to join the Fire Force to save others. Fire Force Company 8 boasts a handful of other awesome characters, including a fire soldier who fights with a plasma sword and fashions himself as a knight, and another powerful fighter who summons and manipulates flames like a wizard might cast spells.

I absolutely love this show, and it is actually the only anime of the Summer season that I decided to keep up with ( I dropped Sounan Desu Ka and Dr. Stone). The world and plot are really interesting, the animation is awesome, and I really like all of the characters (And seeing some of the Manga art has me excited for what kinds of new characters and villains we may see as the series progresses). This anime is already getting hot, and I’m very sure it is going to blow up. If you only watch one anime from the summer season, let this one be it!

And thanks again to my beloved wife for getting me to watch it!

Dr. Stone: First Impressions

I wasn’t expecting too much from the Summer 2019 anime season after looking over the charts. Only one or two shows caught my eye, and I figured for the most part I would just spend the season staying up to date on One Piece and Demon Slayer. Luckily, I was wrong and I have three First Impression articles I’ve been excited to write up! I’ll start with Dr. Stone, the first one that caught my attention..

Dr. Stone is a unique new anime that stood out to me right away. Among the hordes of Shonen and slice of life shows we get every season, this one seemed a little different. The plot focuses around an Earth where everyone is instantly turned to stone. The cause so far is unknown (I’m going with aliens) but the Earth grows around a life devoid of humans for about 3700 years when finally the brilliant scientist Senku Ishigama awakens along with his friend Taiju Oki and they begin their plans to recreate human society in “leaps and bounds”.

Dr. Stone is technically an isekai, and it is steeped in science and crafting. It’s really neat to learn all of the different chemical compounds and follow the progression of technology from stone age onward in such a fast paced manner (I’ve always been a chemistry nerd so this show hits the spot). But there is more to the show as well. Beginning early on, Senku and Taiju release another high school student who was known as the “primitive top athlete” for help against a pack of lions that was chasing them. I won’t go into all of the details, but his friendly nature soon turns sour and we are faced with the shows first antagonist.

The art is a little zany most of the times, and the pacing can seem a little wack. I’ve also noticed some problems with the translation (it’s either that or some of the dialogue is just as zany as the rest of the show) but other than that I’m enjoying it.

Check back in the next couple days, I’ll have First Impressions of Are You Lost? and Fire Force!

Neon Genesis Evangelion First Impressions + Small Netflix Rant

*Before I start this article I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a week or two. I tore the ligaments in my foot which caused me to miss a lot of work, I was kind of broke for awhile and started to get a little depressed. I took a week off to try and work on myself a little and get better. We all have some sadness sometimes, which is why we have the things we love and our close friends to help us. But without further ado…

Neon Genesis: Evangelion First Impressions

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but this is my first time to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion! Neon Genesis: Evangelion is an anime classic from the beautiful year of 1995. I have always heard much about it, have a multitude of friends who have watched it, and yet somehow I have always skipped over it all of these years. When I heard it was to be put on Netflix (I’ll rant a little about them at the end of the article), I got excited to finally check it out.

One reason I believe I put it off so long is because I’ve never been that big a fan of mechs or Mech Anime. But much like Darling in the Franxx, the mech type battles seem to be more background noise for a psychological story that at times seems too real.

The mechs from Neon Genesis, known as EVA’s.

The art style of the show reminds me of old classics like Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho, but while those still hold such charm, something about Evangelion’s look just hasn’t aged that well. So far the writing is at best okay and sometimes laughable, and the voice acting is sub par (Even the sub wtf?). The cinematography is the only aspect of the show that really shines to me, and yet I can’t seem to stop watching. Something about Evangelion feels so unique in a way that I don’t think it can ever be replicated.

So is it good? I’m really not sure yet, but hopefully I will know by the end. What I can say now is that it is real in a haunting way, the kind of way that taking too much over the counter cough medicine can make things feel so dark, far away, and serious.

Oh and he might get cooler, but Shinji is kinda a cry baby for real..

[Netflix Rant]

Alright, so I’m just gonna get on a soapbox for a second. You may have heard that Netflix has botched up our anime. I don’t know what all was messed with from the original version. I know the audio was re dubbed, and it no longer plays “Fly Me to the Moon” at the end. Also, one of the things causing the biggest fuss seems to be the changing of some dialogue between Shinji and [other male character]. This caused a change of the way the two feel about each other from a possibly homosexual type relationship to a purely platonic one.

Now I can see why this upsets people. For one, why would Netflix (Who I thought was usually left leaning politically) screw this part of our show up when they have countless other shows (Big Mouth, 13 Reasons Why, etc.) that have far more homosexual interactions (and more mature sexual themes as well)? WHY? To me this is a kick to the LGBTQ community that is just uncalled for. But what really pisses me off, is that they have taken an artists vision and screwed with it. I’m not sure if I’m getting the REAL Evangelion or not.

So screw you Netflix for this unnecessary witchcraft. Okay, my rant is over.

Thank you for reading! Please leave me comments below and tell me how you like Neon Genesis. And always you can email me at to talk about anime or offer ideas, criticisms, anything! I’d love to talk to you!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: First Impressions

I was hanging out at a friends house having a Hunter x Hunter marathon (We watched the entire Yorknew/Phantom Troupe arc, it was lit), and when a couple friends went downstairs to smoke (Neither I or my friend Eddie Smoke) he paused Hunter x Hunter and said he was gonna watch a little Demon Slayer until they got back.

He explained a little of it to me, it sounded interesting, he said he would start at the first episode if I wanted, I said it didn’t matter to me, he did start it at episode one and I’m glad he did.

Demon Slayer follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado who lives with his family in a very rural part of the land. They live on a mountain, and make and sell coal at the village near the mountain base to make a living, One morning Tanjro heads down to sell coal, by the evening time while he is heading back a storm is brewing and it’s getting late, A neighbor puts him up for the night, warning him of the storm, the cold, and the demons that come out in the night.

The next day Tanjiro makes it up to his home, but the scent of blood (Tanjiro has an extremely acute sense of smell) leads him to a tragedy. His whole family, save one sister has been killed by demons, And his sister, upon coming in contact with demon blood has began to change into a demon herself. Tanjiro learns of the Demon Hunting Corps and begins his training to slay demons, and hopefully along the way figure out how to turn his sister back to normal,

The whole show evokes a darker tone than most anime, and is very addicting one you start to watch. The animation is crisp and beautiful. and as the show progresses the fights get cool and cooler. Eventually, they blend between normal animation and something akin to ancient Chinese paintings. Tanjiro continues fighting demons and his search for his sisters cure,

I like the show a lot, I’m almost caught up so I’ll be able to watch it week to week. Sometimes I find the intermediate times between action sequences a little slow, but it seems to help flesh out the kind of world Tanjiro lives in,

Check it out and keep a watch on this one. It’s going to blow up for sure 🙂

100% Chance of this Anime Blowing Up

My First Impressions of Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is the new (newer? newish?) anime produced by Bones and created by “ONE” who is responsible for bringing us One Punch Man. I have watched the hype for this anime grow over the past year, and after a consistent friend recommendation, I decided to check it out.

The show follows the main character, Shigeo (also known as Mob) a fairly average middle school student. Mob is an apathetic, goalless, even boring young man- but he also possesses some very strong psychic powers. Mob trains under his master, Reigen, a con artist who uses Mob for his abilities while pretending to teach him to use his powers.

The clash of having such amazing powers, yet hardly utilizing them in any fulfilling way makes Mob a unique spin on the classic anime hero of the story. It also seems to reinforce the theme that pervades most of the story- one of finding out who you truly are despite of the way others perceive you or think that you should be.

The art style in Mob Psycho is wacky, ridiculous, and sometimes even psychedelic. It takes a couple episodes to get used to, but then it becomes oddly charming and fits the show’s motive perfectly.

The writing is very good and really shines in its humor, which imitates the visuals by being off the wall, and also peppered throughout the show at just the right moments. Sometimes it will come at you repeatedly and lightning fast, I often found myself cracking up numerous times within a couple minutes span. The anime doesn’t take itself very seriously, and not only does that seem just right for Mob Psycho, but it really allows the viewer to be touched more deeply by the rarer serious moments and action sequences.

Overall, I’m really digging MP100, and I hope to catch up to the current episode by the end of this weekend. If you’re on the fence about checking it out I say definitely give it a shot!

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