Hamacon 2019: The End of an Era

This past weekend was the tenth Hamacon (Huntsville and Madison Anime Convention) and it also turned out to be the last Hamacon. My wife and I have been excited this entire year for these days to finally roll around. I believe we booked our hotel back in March and anxiously awaited until time to attend our home convention.

Sadly, about a week before Hamacon, we heard the rumor that it might be the last one, and our fears were soon confirmed as the day drew nearer with more rumors and eventually when we picked up our convention programs on Friday, it was right there in the introduction.

Hamacon was my first convention and it means a lot to me and to everyone else in our area. There are a ton of anime fans around here, and Hamacon was our time to come together and celebrate our love for anime. It has never been one of the biggest or greatest cons, but it was special to us, and although I tried in earnest to go out with a bang, their was a pervasive mood about the con of an era coming to an end, as well as (and this was what really got me down) a feeling that the whole thing was half-assed.

Perhaps it was me projecting my mood onto my experience, (I have been struggling a little bit these past couple weeks with my depression and some other personal problems) but although I had a good weekend, Hamacon X overall was a letdown.

Friday, July 19th

The con started at 10am, but my wife and I had some trouble trying to fix her iphone and get everything together so we ended up getting there around 2pm. Our check in wasn’t until 4pm, so we wandered around the con and got our bearings. I was shocked at first at how small it was, like I stated previously Hamacon has never been a huge convention, but the artist alley and dealers room had both shrunk by probably 30%. The arcade had dropped most of the games, they had 2 pinball tables, about 10 arcade machines, and a decent setup of tvs to play Smash Brothers and other games. Hamacon usually has a pachinko parlor but to my dismay, this was absent. There weren’t as many panels, and I didn’t find any of them interesting enough to really check out, I did end up in one once or twice throughout the weekend, but the sound was so bad I couldn’t hear the speaker well over the blasting kpop at the other end of the con and a random saxophone player right outside the door.

And the place felt like a ghost town on Friday, which I assumed most people would be coming the next day. I tried out my Rimuru cosplay for a bit, but it was so hot I couldn’t stand being in it for long, so I swapped to Dressrosa Luffy and maintained that for the rest of the con. Without much to do, we retired a little early, then my friend and I went downtown to a bar and eventually rented bikes and rode them around the park super fast until about 2am. This was probably the highlight of Friday.

Saturday, July 20th

Thankfully, Saturday started a little more promising. We woke up, and had some delicious complimentary breakfast.

(Let me go ahead and say this while I’m at it- the hotel we stayed in was an Embassy Suites, and everything about it was spectacular. Our room was great, we had an indoor pool, gym, free drinks, free breakfast, and the service was impeccable. We even were short a little bit of our payment and they waived our parking fee for us.)

We proceeded to the con, I was Luffy again. Got some picture requests, played some arcade games, looked at the merch again (Sadly, I didn’t bring much money with me so I was just window shopping this time.) Slowly more and more people trickled in and I began to get excited!

Everyone has their favorite things to do at a con, and the reasons that they go. Some love to cosplay, and they love to see all the other cosplays. Some go for all the awesome merchandise. People go to play in fighting game tournaments, to host or attend panels, etc. My favorite reason to go to a con is to connect with other people. I love to meet new friends, bond over our favorite animes, catch up with other con friends whom I may have not seen in a year or more. Pretty much, I go for the social aspect, and this time it was very disappointing.

No one seemed to really want to talk or connect. I tried time after time, to receive only annoyed looks. People seemed to be unapproachable, and still the feeling in the air was one of a conclusion. It was as if everyone was here just going through the motions of a convention, but the life just wasn’t there. It was perplexing really. I understand that there are people who are not as socially extroverted as others, but seriously, why are you going to go to a convention with all of these people that share your interests and just be an icy wall? Why are you going to cosplay and when someone recognizes you as their favorite character, you are not even going to give them the time of day? Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic about this, but honestly the life wasn’t there and the mood was sour, and it really just did it in for me. This convention I went home with no numbers and no new friends. Luckily, my close friends I went with were there to help me have a good time, and I fell back on them to make the whole thing worthwhile.

Later that night I watched an IDOL LIVE showcase, which was pretty cool. Then we tried to listen to MrCreepyPasta share some stories, but again the sound wasn’t done right and you could hardly hear him. There was a rave that night, and the DJ did a pretty good job actually, I had fun dancing (I love to dance) but again there was a horde of people just kind of standing around awkwardly. Honestly I spent a large portion of my Saturday back in the hotel room watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and I had more fun doing that then trying to connect with people and standing around with nothing to do. We left the next morning…

Man, reading back over this is a total bummer, but I DID have a fun weekend regardless of all that I’ve complained about. To the Hamacon staff, I’m sorry I don’t know how much of my displeasure was from organization and management on your part- The whole thing did have the feel of “this is the last one, we didn’t really want to do it but we will try”. But most of my qualms came more from the other attendees who seemed to want to have nothing to do with each other. How many times did I get to talk about anime with someone while I was there? Once or twice, no joke, and that’s just sad to me.

Here’s to Hamacon, and the end of an era. Rest in Peace.

Quest to Finish the Big 3: Bleach Rants Pt.2 (Favorite Characters)

It’s been a month or two since I finished Bleach and honestly I miss it really bad. It kind of left a hole in my heart the way One Piece did when I finally caught up and had to start watching week to week. I’ve been tempted a couple times to just watch it again, but I think I will hold off for awhile. In the meantime though I think I should devour the manga!

Here’s some cool facts I have found over time about Bleach you may have not known:

  • Rukia was originally the main character: Tite Kubo’s original concept for Bleach was called Snipe, and the first character he drew was Rukia who would be the protagonist. She wielded a scythe also! Later as the concept evolved, Ichigo took the place of protagonist.
  • Why is it called Bleach?: I wondered about this a bunch. Apparently, the original title was supposed to be “Black” but it was deemed unoriginal, so Tito Kubo changed it to “White” but he didn’t like how that sounded either, so finally he came to the word “Bleach” and it stuck!
  • Each character has a theme song…sort of: I love this one. Tite Kubo is a big music fan, and he has sort of assigned each character a song that kinda flavors and fits the character. For example, Ichigo’s is “News From the Front” by Bad Religion. My Favorite? Ishida’s theme song is “Idioteque” by my all time favorite band Radiohead! (It fits him)
  • One more here that I really dig: Tite Kubo was an aspiring clothes designer, and he designs new outfits for his characters in Bleach throughout the show. I also read for awhile there were stores in Japan where you could buy copies of the shirts, not sure if they are still around though….

I have a lot of characters I like in Bleach, so it’s really hard to make a list of my favorites. So I’ll just choose a couple off the top of my head that I really like. I’m omitting Ichigo but yeah, he’s my boy…

Yasutora Sado: I loved Sado (Chad haha) from the first time I saw him. He’s got so much power and so much heart. At first I was afraid he wouldn’t be relevant at all, but my fears were alleviated.

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi is just an absolute badass. His fight with Ichigo blew me away and when he took his eye patch off I freaked out even more. It’s kinda scary how much he loves fighting.

Shunsui Kyoraku: Captain of the first division and also a badass (when he wants to be). I love his laid back, lazy nature and how he tries to be a ladies man. I also think his Bankai is so cool the way it plays games, I feel it fits him pretty well. His battle vs. Stark was awesome!

Pesche Guatiche: Okay, this guy man… I don’t remember all he did when he was hanging with Ishida, but I know he cracked me up over and over in one episode. He’s such a weirdo.

Ulquiorra Cifer: Ulquiorra is probably my favorite character besides Ichigo. He was so chill and powerful and when he broke a freaking hole in the sky and released, it was so cool. He’s pretty handsome too…

So there you have some of my favorites! As far as my quest is going to finish the Big 3, I’ve been idling a good bit on Shippuden. I believe I’m around episode 60, it’s just hard to watch sometimes because I keep getting distracted by other shows, recently it’s been Fairy Tail, which while I’m thinking about it, why don’t we include Fairy Tail and say the Big 4. Or hell, throw Hunter X Hunter in there and make it a good BIG 5?

Thanks for reading! Next week I’m going to have some articles on our favorite get togethers- Anime Conventions!

Depression Tastes Better With Anime

This is a little off the wall for me to write but it came to me tonight, and I have been dealing with some darkness and I believe I will just write and see where this goes.

You may know, if you are readers of the blog or my nakama, that I have struggled with addiction and depression in the past. The addiction I seemed to beat, but it looks like depression is a lingering beast in the jungles of my mind, for now at least.

Depression is not just having the emotion of sadness. It’s not that at all really, it’s something different entirely. It’s like the world has shrank down around you and you exist in this small, unhappy, lethargic place. It’s hard to eat, you can’t sleep sometimes and some days you sleep the entire day and the whole time you worry about the things you aren’t doing. You feel every minute of every day and it is hard…

I fought it for a long time before I would even call it by it’s name and recognize it as a mental health issue. Depression can make everything seem far away and can make you unable to get yourself out of bed. The smallest tasks, such as washing the dishes, or sometimes even just checking your phone become hard— its weird you just CANT SEEM TO DO IT.

I take medicine now for my depression and it helps a whole lot. I’m 95% of the time feeling like my normal self, just every once in awhile I have a day or two where I have to deal with the dark wolf in my heart.

There’s probably a lot of you out there who deal with this same thing, or worse. I know how it hurts and how you fall into the darkness and I know the uphill, grueling battle to pull yourself out, but please keep pushing on. Know that you are special to people and someone loves you, hell if nothing else I love you because we are fellow humans locked in these bodies and on this journey together. Take each day one step at a time. The past and future are maya, an illusion. You can touch them with your thoughts but other than that they aren’t real anymore. Focus on the now and do one thing at a time. You will feel like doing nothing, but force yourself to do the things you love, that’s how you make it back. If you like to hike, make yourself go out to the trails. If you like to cook, then make yourself turn on that oven. IF you’re like me and love anime, force yourself to turn on that tv and navigate to an anime, it’s not that hard. Just press play, sit back you don’t have to do anything else. Reach out and talk to someone if you need, it’s not a weakness, it’s exactly what our friends are for…

If you read this, please today ask your s/o or anyone in your life how they are doing. Not like a casual “How are you doing today?”, that we don’t even care about the answer to. Really ask them and really listen. Sometimes people are going through something and may really need to let it out 🙂

Eventually, I would love to use my blog as a platform to raise awareness and money for mental illness and addiction research. IF you are into it and would like to be involved that would be great. I think with all of us together maybe we could save some lives!


Fight #006 Luffy (+ Chou Chou) vs. Mohji The Lion Tamer (Captain Buggy’s First Mate)

Set and Setting: Luffy (still in a cage), Nami, and Zolo barely made it away from Buggy and his crew. They search for a hiding spot but Zolo’s injuries take a toll on him and he collapses from too much blood. Meanwhile, Buggy takes the attack as a declaration of war and sends his first mate, Mohji The Lion Tamer to dispose of the three.

New Characters: We meet a local town dog, Chou Chou, and Boodle the mayor or Port Town. Buggy’s First Mate Mohji also makes his first appearance.

New Techniques:

Luffy, Zolo, and Nami have escaped Captain Buggy for the moment, and Zolo promptly passes out from blood loss. Boodle the Mayor comes along and introduces himself and takes Zolo to his house to rest. Boodle introduces Luffy and Nami to a local dog named Chou Chou, who’s owner passed away so Chou Chou stands guard of his owners old pet food store.

Soon, Mohji and his lion Richie arrive…

Mohji and his Lion, Richie…

Mohji claims to be able to tame any animal and tries to get Chou Chou to shake, Chou Chou instead bites his arm causing Luffy to laugh and further provoke Mohji about his weird hair. Mohji asks for the whereabouts of Roronoa Zolo and Luffy refuses to tell. Mohji becomes enraged and sics Richie on Luffy. Richie bites the cage in two, freeing Luffy to fight!

“Hooray, I’m Free!” Luffy yells before Richie delivers a huge blow that knocks Luffy through a house.

While Luffy recovers, Richie turns and sees the pet food store, guarded by Chou Chou. Chou Chou stands his guard as Richie approaches, and then a quick paw lash sends Chou Chou flying as well. Chou Chou jumps back up, barks, and then lunges for Mohji and latches onto his arm. The pet food store is Chou Chou’s treasure, his last bit of his owner he has left, and he guards it with his life.

Mohji is pissed and sets fire to the pet food store, and Chou Chou stands outside barking. Luffy finally finds Mohji and Richie in the commotion. “You should be dead!”, Mohji exclaims. “It takes more than a kick to kill me!”, Luffy exclaims, “I’m a rubber man!” HE then twists his arms around each other and extends them, grabbing Richie, and lifts and slams him down with a powerful Gum Gum Gavel!

Mohji has a change of heart and Richie is out of commission. HE tries to offer Luffy gold to spare him, but Luffy says it’s too late for apologies. He reaches out and grabs Mohji with his left arm and with his right, he delivers a freaking strong ass punch and Mohji is done for. BAM!

Luffy hands some dog food to Chou Chou that he saved from the burning building and comments on his good fighting..

And the winner is…? Luffy and Chou Chou by a long shot. Now it’s time to finish off Buggy!

BA Rating: I’d say a 2.5/5. It was cool seeing Chou Chou stand up and fight a lion, and Luffy’s epic punch at the end just grounded Mohji.

Neon Genesis Evangelion First Impressions + Small Netflix Rant

*Before I start this article I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a week or two. I tore the ligaments in my foot which caused me to miss a lot of work, I was kind of broke for awhile and started to get a little depressed. I took a week off to try and work on myself a little and get better. We all have some sadness sometimes, which is why we have the things we love and our close friends to help us. But without further ado…

Neon Genesis: Evangelion First Impressions

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but this is my first time to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion! Neon Genesis: Evangelion is an anime classic from the beautiful year of 1995. I have always heard much about it, have a multitude of friends who have watched it, and yet somehow I have always skipped over it all of these years. When I heard it was to be put on Netflix (I’ll rant a little about them at the end of the article), I got excited to finally check it out.

One reason I believe I put it off so long is because I’ve never been that big a fan of mechs or Mech Anime. But much like Darling in the Franxx, the mech type battles seem to be more background noise for a psychological story that at times seems too real.

The mechs from Neon Genesis, known as EVA’s.

The art style of the show reminds me of old classics like Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho, but while those still hold such charm, something about Evangelion’s look just hasn’t aged that well. So far the writing is at best okay and sometimes laughable, and the voice acting is sub par (Even the sub wtf?). The cinematography is the only aspect of the show that really shines to me, and yet I can’t seem to stop watching. Something about Evangelion feels so unique in a way that I don’t think it can ever be replicated.

So is it good? I’m really not sure yet, but hopefully I will know by the end. What I can say now is that it is real in a haunting way, the kind of way that taking too much over the counter cough medicine can make things feel so dark, far away, and serious.

Oh and he might get cooler, but Shinji is kinda a cry baby for real..

[Netflix Rant]

Alright, so I’m just gonna get on a soapbox for a second. You may have heard that Netflix has botched up our anime. I don’t know what all was messed with from the original version. I know the audio was re dubbed, and it no longer plays “Fly Me to the Moon” at the end. Also, one of the things causing the biggest fuss seems to be the changing of some dialogue between Shinji and [other male character]. This caused a change of the way the two feel about each other from a possibly homosexual type relationship to a purely platonic one.

Now I can see why this upsets people. For one, why would Netflix (Who I thought was usually left leaning politically) screw this part of our show up when they have countless other shows (Big Mouth, 13 Reasons Why, etc.) that have far more homosexual interactions (and more mature sexual themes as well)? WHY? To me this is a kick to the LGBTQ community that is just uncalled for. But what really pisses me off, is that they have taken an artists vision and screwed with it. I’m not sure if I’m getting the REAL Evangelion or not.

So screw you Netflix for this unnecessary witchcraft. Okay, my rant is over.

Thank you for reading! Please leave me comments below and tell me how you like Neon Genesis. And always you can email me at animesavedmylifeblog@gmail.com to talk about anime or offer ideas, criticisms, anything! I’d love to talk to you!

Video Games For Weebs: One Piece: World Seeker

Welcome to the first edition of a new article I’m going to put out every so often “Video Games For Weebs”. Many of us anime folk also like to play video games, I like to play some although my time to play is very limited. I thought I would share a game here and there that I have personally enjoyed, perhaps an anime related game, maybe an RPG or a Japanese game (You might see a lot of Nintendo, I’m a huge fan). It won’t always be new games, sometimes I play old games and I might write about them, sometimes I play phone games even.

I was super hyped when I first heard about One Piece World Seeker, the only other OP game I have played was Burning Blood which was pretty cool but not the greatest. I was excited more than anything that I would get to be Luffy, my hero, flying through the air, whomping people on the heads, etc.

I’m going to start by being very straight with you:

  1. This game has some weird gameplay flaws and
  2. I enjoyed the hell out of it!

I think that’s only because of how much I love One Piece that I can start off by saying those two things.

In all honesty though, this game has a ton of great ideas in it, I just feel like none of it was implemented to the fullest. I still enjoyed the game a ton, it took me about 40 hours to play through the main story but I also did every side quest that came along and gathered materials, gum gum rocketed around, etc. Now I’m going back, completing some Karma and challenge missions and finding all the treasure chests. Then I hear we are getting DLC!

Ughh it sounds so cool when I talk about it like this but I gotta be real about the different aspects here:

The Island is huge and full of places to explore…
  • The World: The world in World Seeker is actually one of it’s best aspects. It’s a huge, beautiful Island with plenty of places to explore. There’s a mountain, a mine, a huge city with skyscrapers, plus some towns and villages scattered throughout, and a hefty amount of other places to explore. It’s so nice to rocket around as Luffy, Gum Gum UFO up to a ledge and just look out over the vast landscape. There are missions to obtain, treasure chests to open, and rare materials to gather. It sometimes feels a little isolated and not very alive, but I really enjoyed the setting.
  • The Story: Another place that World Seeker shines is its story, which was penned by Ei-san himself! I enjoyed it all the way through, the new characters were fleshed out and great additions to the cast of One Piece. This game could easily fit into the One Piece story as a non canon arc or movie.
  • Gameplay: Here’s where we start to get a little scrappy. World Seeker is an action-adventure RPG. Most of the game will have you going on missions, doing different things like finding people, gathering materials, beating enemies, etc. There are Story missions and Side Missions, and even Challenge Missions for after you beat the game. Some quests are really fun, but there are a couple (Like find Zolo or find Buggy) that really got on my nerves because of the vague mission details. The game also has a karma system which allows you to fulfill objectives for different NPCs to raise karma with them, which was pretty neat, but there isn’t much point to it.
  • Skill Trees and RPG Aspects: Yes, World Seeker has a pretty large skill tree. You gain Skill Points from completing missions or defeating enemies and can use them on your skill tree. Pretty much, Luffy has 2 main fighting styles: Observation Haki focuses on swift movements and attacks and Armament Haki focuses on slow, strong and huge hits. I tried messing around with armament haki, but with the combat system being so rough around the edges, it really just wasn’t useful and I put my points mainly into Observation Haki. There are also sets of the skill tree that improve parameters like Health and Focus and that make transportation easier by extending your Gum Gum UFO or Rocket. They did a decent job here, but I think it could have been fleshed out better.
The combat system offers some choices, but has many flaws…
  • Combat System: As I said above, the combat system basically allows you to take one of two stances and fight that way. The swap between stances is too combo breaking, so you can’t really swap between them successfully, so I stuck with Observation Haki. You do have a set of special attacks you can use, but honestly most battles defer to running up to an enemy and pressing square over and over. There’s no real way to cancel an attack so if you get hit by a bullet, you have to sit there and take every bullet until the enemy reloads. That got extremely annoying but I dealt with it.
  • Materials and Crafting: Another system that I was excited to mess with but felt as if it was left halfway done. You can pick up all kinds of materials throughout the island and use them later in the game to craft equipment and outfits. It’s definitely worth doing, the bonuses are nice and some of the outfits are really cool, especially for One Piece fans. But I still got the feeling like there should be more to it. I crafted pretty much 3 or 4 main items that I used for the entire game..
  • Stealth Mode?: A really annoying hindrance of the game is that the ability to sneak up on enemies does allow you to execute a sneak attack instant kill. The problem is that Luffy has no means to stealth (no crouch or anything), and some missions even require you to be stealthy. That only happened a handful of times, but I wish we could have at least gotten a crouch button.

So even for all of that, I really, really liked the game. I dealt with the vague missions, and the sometimes wonky combat, and had a pretty fun experience in World Seeker. If anything it left me wanting more, and gives me hopes that maybe Namco Bandai will learn what was missing to complete this game and maybe give us a sequel that really delivers.

Subbed or Dubbed?

It’s the classic question when talking about anime with other fans. The narrative usually goes something like this:

“Hey did you watch [insert anime here]?”.

“Yeah, it was pretty good, but the main character got on my nerves so I didn’t finish it”.

“Oh did you watch subbed or dubbed?”.

“I watched the dub”.

“Oh dude, you should have watched the sub, it’s way better.”

But does it really make THAT much of a difference? I’ve been doing some research and asking some folks, and I believe that yes it can actually make a good bit of difference. Not in every instance, but there are a couple ways that the choice of watching an anime subbed or dubbed can effect the viewers experience.

Let’s start with the more mechanical aspects of the choice. When watching a subbed anime, for one you can’t really do other things while watching it. So that’s no cooking, no cleaning, you can’t really play on your phone, it makes it even a little harder to speak with others as you watch. You have to keep your eyes focused on the tv, or you may miss a line of sometimes crucial information. How many times have you been watching, looked away for a second, and realized you just missed a bombshell being dropped, so you have to rewind a little bit?

Some people can’t stand to read while they watch the show, I’ve heard many people say they can’t comfortably focus on both at once. There’s also those people who don’t care much for reading in general, or who are are not very fast readers, so the sub wouldn’t be the first choice for them.

Now for me personally, I watch all of my shows with subtitles. I’m a fast reader, and it’s easy for me to miss something a character might say, especially if it’s a quiet moment of the show, or if there’s a lot going on around me at the time.

Now onto some of the deeper aspects of transferring one language to another. You’ve heard of the phrase “lost in translation” and believe me it rings true. When translating from one language to another, you have to count in the fact that some words do not totally translate correctly, there are even some words specific to a language that hardly translate at all!

Let’s take a look at a few. Here are some words that have no true English equivalent. What happens when one of these words is translated? Oftentimes you may get a word or expression that comes close to the original intention, but a little is lost in the translation, and a native speaker might have gotten a slightly different or enhanced effect.

  • Yugen (Japanese)- “A profound and mysterious view of beauty in the universe and at the sad beauty of human suffering.” This is a very important aspect in Japanese culture, and one that English speakers can grasp, but it is not as deeply ingrained in our culture.
  • Fisseleg (German)- “Being flustered to the point of incompetence” it is oftentimes translated as “jittery” but that wouldn’t be fully correct because the cause of the feeling comes from another persons nagging.
  • Tsundoku (Japanese)- “Leaving a new book unread after purchasing it and allowing it to pile up with other books on a shelf.” Sad 😦
  • Uffda (Swedish)- A Swedish exclamation that is made when someone else is in pain. It’s is like a mix between “ouch for you” and “I’m sorry you hurt yourself”. I found this very interesting because I remember times when seeing some else hurt themselves and me saying “ouch” but it seemed out of place in a way haha.
  • Pochemuchka (Russian)- “A person who asks too many questions”

And this is just a tiny list of some of the words that just don’t translate right. Now we also have to take in another fact. While translating for and anime or movie, the translators have to also do a decent job at keeping mouth movements to the same sounds. Otherwise we end up with characters talking with their mouth closed, or mouths running while nothing is said! It all seems very complicated to me, but also very interesting.

Lastly, and naturally, the dub and the sub have different voice actors. So we have different actors, saying different words, with sometimes different meanings? Yes, I would say watching something subbed or dubbed could create differing experiences. And there’s always the case when you just can’t stand a certain voice in your show. I hear it a bunch with English speaking Dragonball Z fans talk about Goku’s Japanese voice. It just doesn’t fit the Goku they were raised to know. For me, Naruto’s English voice practically makes me unable to watch the show!

But put all of these together and let me share a personal story of how I noticed a big change when watching a subbed versus a dubbed show. “Future Diary” is one of my favorite’s and I watched it originally subbed. Later, when I wanted to re watch it, I thought I would try the English dub. I enjoyed it, but I noticed something peculiar. Yuno was a totally different character to me in the English dub versus the sub.

Both Yuno’s were crazy of course, but the Japanese Yuno, something about the way her voice actor handled her role, seemed to me more like a split personality, crazy young girl. At time’s she seemed completely innocent and at other times a maniac. The English Yuno seemed a little more confident to the point of sometimes seeming full of herself. She seemed able to be popular and work with others more socially, and then she would have crazy moments. Something about the gap in between those two personalities in both versions was different and for me that changed the experience of the show.

As far as personal opinion, I will mostly watch anime subbed, but Funimation most often I’ve noticed does a great job on their dubs. Cowboy Bebop is one show that I will always watch dubbed because I feel the voice actors fit perfectly. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion in some cases!

Anyways, I would like to explore some of this further. Please let me know what you think of this article in the comments, and if you have input or a personal story to share leave it below or email it to me at animesavedmylifeblog@gmail.com

Thank You!