Every One Piece Fight Ever 007

Fight #007 Zolo vs. Cabaji the Acrobat (Buggy’s Second Mate)

Set and Setting: Mohji’s defeat at the hands of Luffy inspires the town mayor, Boodle to try and take matters into his own hands and challenge Buggy. Right about that time another Buggy Ball explodes into the mayor’s home, pissing Boodle off even more and awakening Zolo. Boodle takes off to find Buggy, and Luffy, Zolo, and Nami devise a plan to go and retake their sea chart of the Grand Line.

New Characters: Cabaji the acrobat makes his appearence.

New Techniques: Luffy inflates his body to use Gum Gum Balloon. Zolo uses his mighty “Oni Giri” on Cabaji to finish the fight.

Boodle confronts Buggy and his second mate, Cabaji the Acrobat. Buggy will not come down to face the mayor, and instead launches his hand with the Chop Chop fruit power and begins to strangle Boodle. Boodle continues to demand that Buggy come down and face him, he almost is killed from asphyxiation, when Luffy shows up and wrenches Buggy’s hand free, “I’m back, I told you I would clobber you!”, he exclaims. Boodle tries to stand and return to fighting and Luffy delivers a quick blow that knocks him out.

“Kill Him!”, Buggy yells and his crew fires another Buggy Ball straight at Luffy. Luffy inhales and expands GUM GUM BALLOON! The canon ball bounces off of Luffy’s rubber body and heads straight for Buggy and his crew, destroying the house they were standing on. After the smoke clears, Buggy, Mohji, and Cabaji (holding Mohji’s lion as a shield) stand ready to fight. Mohji warns Buggy of Luffy’s power and Buggy, pissed that he waited so long to tell him, throws Cabaji at the Straw Hats. Luffy delivers a wicked kick to Cabaji in mid air!

Cabaji rushes forward on his unicycle with sword in hand and is met by a a determined block from Zolo. Zolo is still weak from his previous injuries, but he decides to fight. Cabaji opens his mouth and spits fire at Zolo, his “Breath of Death”. Cabaji hits Zolo in the torso with a powerful kick and begins his second attack “Murder at the Steam Bath.” Dust is kicked up around the fighters making it hard to see. Cabaji strikes with an overhead sword slash and Zolo meets it with a three sword block, only to receive another powerful kick.

Had to use an anime picture here, but this is Cabaji’s powerful kick.

Zolo tries to stand, his injuries are holding him back. Cabaji taunts him and takes another strike, but this time Zolo strikes back with a punch, knocking Cabaji from his unicycle. Zolo stands and declares, “My goal is to be the world’s greatest swordsman.” He cuts a nice gash into his own torso, “Is that enough of a handicap?”, he asks,

Zolo cuts himself as a handicap to Cabaji

The two stand and exchange some talk with swords drawn. Cabaji throws spinning tops at Zolo and begins releasing a string of special attacks. “Dance of A Hundred Kamikaze Tops”, “A Hike In The Mountains”, “Fireworks In The Cool Summer Breeze”, etc. He jumps high and darts around

then comes down upon Zolo with a mighty sword slash. Buggy, from the sidelines, launches his hand at Zolo to hold him in place, but it is stomped on by Luffy who won’t have Buggy interfering. Zolo dodges the downward strike and a swift kick knocks Cabaji from his unicycle. Zolo assumes his pose and releases a powerful Oni Giri, defeating Cabaji before falling down himself.

And the winner is…? Zolo wins in an epic finish, but it took all the swordsman had, and he too falls to the ground.

BA Rating: 3.5/5 We finally see Zolo in a one on one fight, and even though he is hurt he kicks some ass!


Fight #006 Luffy (+ Chou Chou) vs. Mohji The Lion Tamer (Captain Buggy’s First Mate)

Set and Setting: Luffy (still in a cage), Nami, and Zolo barely made it away from Buggy and his crew. They search for a hiding spot but Zolo’s injuries take a toll on him and he collapses from too much blood. Meanwhile, Buggy takes the attack as a declaration of war and sends his first mate, Mohji The Lion Tamer to dispose of the three.

New Characters: We meet a local town dog, Chou Chou, and Boodle the mayor or Port Town. Buggy’s First Mate Mohji also makes his first appearance.

New Techniques:

Luffy, Zolo, and Nami have escaped Captain Buggy for the moment, and Zolo promptly passes out from blood loss. Boodle the Mayor comes along and introduces himself and takes Zolo to his house to rest. Boodle introduces Luffy and Nami to a local dog named Chou Chou, who’s owner passed away so Chou Chou stands guard of his owners old pet food store.

Soon, Mohji and his lion Richie arrive…

Mohji and his Lion, Richie…

Mohji claims to be able to tame any animal and tries to get Chou Chou to shake, Chou Chou instead bites his arm causing Luffy to laugh and further provoke Mohji about his weird hair. Mohji asks for the whereabouts of Roronoa Zolo and Luffy refuses to tell. Mohji becomes enraged and sics Richie on Luffy. Richie bites the cage in two, freeing Luffy to fight!

“Hooray, I’m Free!” Luffy yells before Richie delivers a huge blow that knocks Luffy through a house.

While Luffy recovers, Richie turns and sees the pet food store, guarded by Chou Chou. Chou Chou stands his guard as Richie approaches, and then a quick paw lash sends Chou Chou flying as well. Chou Chou jumps back up, barks, and then lunges for Mohji and latches onto his arm. The pet food store is Chou Chou’s treasure, his last bit of his owner he has left, and he guards it with his life.

Mohji is pissed and sets fire to the pet food store, and Chou Chou stands outside barking. Luffy finally finds Mohji and Richie in the commotion. “You should be dead!”, Mohji exclaims. “It takes more than a kick to kill me!”, Luffy exclaims, “I’m a rubber man!” HE then twists his arms around each other and extends them, grabbing Richie, and lifts and slams him down with a powerful Gum Gum Gavel!

Mohji has a change of heart and Richie is out of commission. HE tries to offer Luffy gold to spare him, but Luffy says it’s too late for apologies. He reaches out and grabs Mohji with his left arm and with his right, he delivers a freaking strong ass punch and Mohji is done for. BAM!

Luffy hands some dog food to Chou Chou that he saved from the burning building and comments on his good fighting..

And the winner is…? Luffy and Chou Chou by a long shot. Now it’s time to finish off Buggy!

BA Rating: I’d say a 2.5/5. It was cool seeing Chou Chou stand up and fight a lion, and Luffy’s epic punch at the end just grounded Mohji.


Fight #005 Nami and Zolo (Luffy Stuck in a Cage) vs. Captain Buggy the Clown and his Crew

*Just as a side note: We are finally entering East Blue Vol. 2! Things will start to heat up as Luffy, Zolo, and Nami take on Buggy and his first mates.

Set and Setting: Luffy and Zolo said their goodbyes to Coby (who joined the Navy and began to pursue his dreams) and sailed away. But without a navigator, or any knowledge of maps or sailing, the Straw Hat duo ends up drifting at sea until they come upon Orange Island. There they meet the infamous thief Nami who steals only from pirates and learn that Captain Buggy the Clown is causing chaos in town. Luffy and Zolo are separated, and Nami tricks Luffy, tying him up and delivering him to Buggy.

New Characters: Nami the thief ❤ and Buggy the Clown both make introductions in this fight, as well as some members of Buggy’s Crew

New Techniques: Nothing really in this fight, we do get to see Nami fight a little with her staff and we witness the power of Buggy’s Chop Chop Fruit.

Buggy the Clown and his crew ravage Orange Town

Nami has tricked Luffy, stolen his Grand Line map, and delivered him to Buggy the Clown. Buggy accepts this as a petition from Nami to join his crew and locks Luffy in a cage. Zolo is nowhere to be found.

Buggy and his crew begin an extravagant party; drinking and firing “Buggy Balls” (super explosive cannon balls) into the town. Buggy turns to Nami and asks her to use a Buggy Ball on Luffy as a show of her dedication to him and the crew. Nami tries to talk her way out of it but the crew continues to press her. Eventually, a crewmate steps up to light the Buggy Ball himself and Nami retaliates with an overhead strike from her staff.

Buggy and his crew charge at Nami, and all the while the fuse is slowly burning on the cannon aimed directly at Luffy! Nami gets a couple more nice hits, but the pirates are slowly surrounding her. Then a slash lights up the air as Zolo appears.

Zolo and Buggy exchange a few words before Zolo lunges with a powerful 3 sword strike. Buggy is cut into several different pieces and the battle seems over, but while Zolo and Luffy argue over how to break the cage Zolo is stabbed from behind. He turns to see Buggy’s disembodied hand holding a dagger and floating in mid air. This is the power of the Chop-Chop fruit, it allows Buggy to separate and replace his body parts and to control them while they are detached.

Zolo takes a pretty bad stab to the side by Buggy’s Chop-Chop Power

Luffy yells to Buggy, calling him “Big Nose” which infuriates the Clown. His floating hand and dagger fly towards Luffy in the cage… But Luffy catches it all badass like between his teeth. Luffy then yells for Zolo to run. As Zolo takes off, Buggy launches two more dagger wielding hands at him, but Zolo easily deflects both. Zolo runs to a cannon (loaded with a Buggy Ball) and lifts it backwards to point it at Buggy and his crew. Nami lights the fuse and the cannon blasts a huge hole in the wall and scatters Buggy’s crew.

Zolo wastes no time, he uses his incredible strength to grab the cage Luffy is locked in and hoists it on his back. Buggy emerges from the smoke and debris and yells, “You’re not going anywhere!” but its a little too late. Zolo, Luffy, and Nami are gone and the key to the cage is missing as well.

And the winner is…? Zolo and Nami saved Luffy and got away, but barely. Now they will have to contend with Buggy and his first mates. Zolo also took some pretty bad injuries.

BA Rating: 1.5 of 5. Zolo and Nami were mainly running away plus Luffy was stuck in a damn cage.

Every One Piece Fight Ever 004

FIght #004 Luffy and Zolo vs. Axe Hand Morgan and his Men

Set and Setting: Luffy and Koby have come upon a navy base. In the yard of the base they find Roronoa Zolo, an infamous bounty hunter and swordsman, is being held captive. Luffy plans on recruiting Zolo to the crew but first he has to help bust him out. Luffy retrieves Zolo’s swords and rushes to Zolo, who is just about to be executed…

New Characters: Welcome Roronoa Zolo! Its going to be fun writing about these battle now that Zolo is involved. He uses the three sword style. Axe Hand Morgan is a navy captain with an actual axe for a hand. His son Helmeppo is also on the navy base with him.

New Techniques: We see the Gum Gum Rocket used at the start of the battle and we get to see the Gum Gum Whip and Gum Gum Pistol during battle. There is also a fleeting moment that looks like a Gum Gum Stamp!

Axe Hand Morgan shows up for Zolo’s execution

This battle starts with a bang as the firing squad that should serve Zolo his death penalty pulls the trigger. Bullets fly across the navy courtyard and Luffy Gum Gum Rockets his way in front of Zolo and the bullets bounce off his rubber skin heading in every direction.

Luffy hands over Zolo’s swords, and Zolo decides to be a part of Luffy’s crew. Luffy tries to untie Zolo, but then gives him the swords and with a beautiful slash Zolo cuts himself free and lands in the midst of some navy crewmen. “The first one who moves dies!”

Luffy yells for Zolo to duck and slings his leg out in a powerful GUM GUM WHIP that crashes into a line of soldiers. Luffy and Zolo stand ready to face more foes. Axe Hand Morgan demands that all the cowards in his unit shoot themselves in the head, but Luffy interjects, Hey! I’m your enemy! Try putting me to death!” as he throws a punch that Morgan blocks with his axe hand.

Axe Hand Morgan takes a huge swing at Luffy and Luffy deftly jumps above it, the cut slashes a fence clean in two. Luffy thrusts his feet into the captains face (A gum gum stamp although not by name) and sends him flying. Morgan makes another powerful chop and Luffy spins around and delivers another nice kick to his face. “I’m not gonna die!” Luffy has him on the ground about to hit him again..

“STOP!” Helmeppo has Koby held at gunpoint and threatens to shoot if Luffy makes one more move. Koby is handling it quite nicely though. Luffy winds up and delivers an amazing Gum Gum Pistol to Helmeppo to save Koby, but Axe Hand Morgan has appeared right behind Luffy, he raises his axe about to strike and Zolo quickly streaks past and ends Morgan with a slash.

And the winner is..? Luffy and Zolo work pretty well together!

BA Rating: 2 of 5. It was a pretty cool fight, and it was awesome to see Luffy and Zolo working together for the win.

Every One Piece Fight Ever 003

Fight # 003 Luffy Vs. Iron Mace Alvida

Set and Setting: After setting out to sea and finding himself in a deadly storm, Luffy awakens and bursts from a barrel aboard the pirate Alvida’s ship, docked at a local island. He meets Coby, a young man in servitude to Alvida, and Luffy teaches him to finally stand up for himself and pursue his own dreams.

New Characters: We meet Coby, a young boy who dreams of being a in the Navy, and Iron Mace Alvida, a rather large and menacing female pirate who is fairly unattractive (but don’t tell her that).

New Techniques: Nothing new today, we see Gum Gum Pistol again though.

Iron Mace Alvida, the “beauty” of the sea…

Fight number three is another quick little skirmish (we will be getting to the good ones pretty soon though)! Luffy vs. Alvida. After Alvida discovers Coby and Luffy near a boat that Coby had built, she crashes into the scene swinging her favorite weapon- a giant iron mace. It easily destroys the boat and Alvida demands that Coby repent so she spares him. Alvida asks Coby who the fairest in all the seas is. Luffy quickly blurts out calling her a “tough looking old biddy” and Coby rustles up the courage to call her “The Ugliest Old Hag of All”.

Alvida flies into a rage and swings the club down upon Luffy’s head with all of her might. Luffy doesn’t flinch, “That didn’t hurt” he says, “because I am made of rubber!” He winds up and one Gum Gum Pistol is enough to defeat Alvida.

And the Winner is..? Luffy! Woohoo! (And Coby kinda)

BA Rating: 1 of 5 Still nothing really badass has went down, but it’s on the way I promise! Stay tuned for fight number 004 coming soon!

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Every One Piece Fight Ever 002

Fight # 002 Luffy vs. Local Sea King

Set and Setting: Luffy sets out to Sea ten years after the event with Shanks and the mountain bandits. He is now seventeen years old and begins his quest to become the King of the Pirates.

New Characters: None, We’ve seen Luffy and the Sea King Before

New Techniques: This will be the first appearance of Luffy’s infamous “Gum Gum Pistol” where he stretches him arm forward in a powerful flying punch.

The first Gum Gum Pistol used on the local Sea King.

Ten years have passed since Luffy’s experience with Shanks and the Mountain Bandits, and now it is time for Luffy to finally set out on his own and take his first step towards becoming the King of the Pirates. While on the water the residential Sea King quickly makes an appearance. Luffy winds up and pulls his arm back, then slams it forward releasing and huge amount of strength in the first ever “Gum Gum Pistol”

This is one of those “one and done” fights. Luffys incredible strength easily knocks out the poor Sea King, and Luffy sails on into a storm.

And The Winner Is..? Luffy of course

BA Rating: 1 of 5 Although seeing the first Gum Gum pistol is awesome, and Luffy one hitting a giant sea monster is also very cool. I can’t say that this fight is very badass, sorry…

Every One Piece Fight Ever 001

Fight # 001- Luffy and Shanks’ Crew vs. The Mountain Bandits

Set and Setting: Outside of the Tavern in a small harbor village. Mountain Bandits enter the bar where a young Luffy and Shanks’ Crew are staying and pour alcohol on Shanks, upsetting Luffy. Luffy later encounters the bandits alone and decides to stand up for his friends.

New Characters: We see Luffy and Shanks involved in a fight for the first time, along with some of Shanks’ crew. Higuma the Bear and his Mountain Bandits head up the enemy squad. Also making an appearance is the island’s local Sea King.

New Techniques: No new named techniques are really used, although we do see a sneak peak of Conquerors’ Haki for the first time.

Higuma the Bear (it was hard to find a good picture of him actually..)

Higuma The Bear and his group of Mountain Bandits have Luffy out in the street punching and kicking him. Luffy tries retaliating, but his punches and kicks are weak. Higuma dodges one of Luffy’s right hooks, grabs his cheek, and slams him into the ground (causing Luffy to stretch some in the process). Higuma steps onto Luffy’s head, pushing him into the ground.

Shanks and his crew arrive just in time. Shanks remarks that Luffy wasn’t there to greet them at the harbor so he knew something was wrong. One of the bandits steps up and points a gun at Shanks. Before he can pull the trigger, “BOOM!” he is shot in the head by one of Shanks’ crew members (The jolly one that is always eating a hunk of meat- his name is Lucky Roux).

After some bickering, Higuma sends some more men at Shanks and his crew. Shanks’ first mate (Ben Beckman) steps up, puts his cigarette out in the first bandits eye, and quickly disposes of the rest with some fast blows from his rifle. Higuma freaks out at this point, throws a smokescreen, and in the confusion, escapes with Luffy. Shanks quickly heads off to find them.

Higuma has escaped on a small boat with Luffy. After some lame monologue, Luffy takes a shot at him, but misses. Higuma punts Luffy into the ocean, where Luffy begins to drown due to his inability to swim from his Devil Fruit abilities. All of the sudden a giant Sea King emerges and takes a huge chomp out of the boat and Higuma. He turns on Luffy, teeth barred, and lunges! Shanks shows up in the nick of time and deftly pulls Luffy out of the way. He then turns to the Sea King and commands him to leave (our first glimpse of Conquerors’ Haki ). Luffy is saved, but not without a price. Shanks has lost his arm to the Sea KIng’s ferocious bite…

Shanks loses an arm to the mighty Sea King.

And The Winner Is..?: Luffy and Shank’s are the victors here, although Shanks did lose an arm in the process (he honestly wasn’t too upset about it, he was just happy Luffy was okay.)

BA Rating: 1.5 of 5 The fight is mostly one sided but we see a couple of cool moves. Also Shanks losing am arm without a sweat is fairly badass.

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