Anime Saved My Life Showcase: Musician Jaxxon Wynn

I am so excited to finally do my first showcase. Jaxxon Wynn is a musician from Nashville who reached out to me at the blog and we started a conversation about anime, how it affects our lives (He sent me a song he had written about anime!) and music and today I want to showcase the [fairly informal] interview and introduce you to an awesome guy. Please check out this interview and go check out his music and pages!

[Anime Saved My Life] Alright man, lets get this started! Can you just give us a little introduction, tell us a little about yourself and your music?

[Jaxxon Wynn] Well, My name is Jaxxon Wynn and I am an ambiguous singer songwriter based out of The Greater Nashville area but I grew up in Alabama.

Besides music & art I really enjoy Anime of course! Reading books, fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping and anything that has to do with nature. I dabble in a little abstract painting. I have been getting into film shooting and editing slowly but surely.

I have also been trying to desperately get into routine exercise but alas I go really hard for about two months and then fall off and then repeat.

[ASML] Great! Sounds like you are a very well rounded individual! I have only been to Nashville a couple times, but I really like it there. Do you find it is a good place for you musically and for networking? What kind of instruments do you play?

[JW] Well thank you! I definitely try my best to be well rounded. I agree! Life is too short to limit yourself to only a small set of experiences. I love Nashville! There is so much music and art going on. Also, if music and art is not your thing there is also a lot of other crazy shenanigans to explore. It is definitely a city with many cultures and activities running through it.

Nashville is definitely meshing well where I am going musically. Everyone I am surrounded by all day is constantly working on music whether it be the creative side or the business side. It is a great inspiration to work harder and a expansive opportunity to develop my skill set. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by the beautiful people I meet in this area.

I have been playing guitar for about 10 years and a byproduct of that I can play the bass fish. I have been teaching myself piano for about a year, it has been a joy so far 🙂 but it is very different to me than stringed instruments. A bit of a challenge but a good one.

[ASML] That’s amazing man! Learning piano definitely a challenge, I took some lessons for a couple years and it helped me out musically playing guitar and other instruments as well!

So I have heard one of your songs you sent me and put it up on our Facebook page. Is there a certain sound or genre that you are shooting for particularly, or do you just write and work on whatever comes to your mind at the time?

[JW] Definitely not a certain sound. I wanna mess around with all styles and genres. I am a huge fan of Bjork, The Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, The Gorrilaz, and Frank Ocean. So I am obsessed with the idea of each project being different and conceptual. I like how all their projects is a new sound each time. Keeps things from getting boring.

[ASML] Seems like you have a great taste in music, and I think that’s a great way of looking at the creation process. Can you give me some ways my readers can check out more of your stuff or help you out in anyway? I’ll definitely put the link to the song you’ve sent me in this article, but if you have soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube, or any other links we can get out here for you that’d be awesome.

[JW] I sure do! You can find me on all dark holes of the internet. Even Redditt.

[NOTE] I am going to put all of the links and embeds he sent me at the bottom of the article. You should definitely check them out!

[ASML] Thank you for the links! Hopefully I can send a bunch of peeps your way. Okay next question: I guess we will talk anime for a bit. What’s your favorite or favorites? I know its hard to pick sometimes haha.

[JW] Hands down my favorite would have to be….Fooly Cooly, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Inuyasha, Outlaw Star, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

My favorite movies would have to be – Princess Mononoke, Ki Ki’s Delivery Service, and Ghost in the Shell.

I also really like Kill la Kill, forgot about that one.

[ASML] Great Lists man! Okay so I think I can probably wrap this up with just one more question or maybe two. This will be for the folks back home.
How has anime altered you, inspired you, helped you, lifted you, etc. Why does it hold a prominent position in your heart? Has it saved your life?

[JW] Well, I first got in anime when I was five. I remember being at my Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house. I was watching Princess Mononoke on some random satellite channel. My Maw Maw did not want me to continue to watch it because of the blood and “adult themes” but somehow I begged her not to change it. So, ever since then I was hooked….I was constantly hunt for new anime, even though I had no idea what it actually was at the time. The word blew my mind as well, Anime…it just felt so aesthetic to me.

Sorry gonna be a long answer lol

It just fueled my creative side since then….and added to my eccentric personality since all the characters were the same way.

All the characters always encouraged me to be myself relentlessly and to never give up, which I think is said often in IRL but never really taught heavily to young people.

When I have no friends it is there to comfort me. It kept me from the dark and constantly reminded me to move into the light!

It definitely saved my life…there were some dark times where I felt very alone, but I could find solace and warmth within the plots and characters of each series I dived into. That is why Anime Is My God.

[ASML] Thank you so much for your time man! I’m going to a con this weekend but first thing next week I am going to get everything typed up and launched! [NOTE] I Procrastinated a little. You are awesome thanks for the interview and I’m sorry it took so long I guess we are both very busy people. I come to Nashville sometimes if I do ill hit you up maybe we could grab a drink or something.

[JW] Grabbing a drink would be awesome! just let me know in advance and I am there man. No problem man, I enjoyed doing this. Thank you! Stay dope and have fun at the con! Be safe, much love.

Below I will embed some the links and music!

Alright everyone, hope you enjoyed the interview. Check Jaxxon Wynn out, give him some likes and follows. I’m proud to have him as my first Showcase Interview for Anime Saved My Life.

And now, I will be looking to showcase some more people. I’m always on the hunt for people I’d like to have on the blog, or you can just reach out to me. I’m looking for cosplayers, musicians, artists, furries, gundam builders, homestuckers; pretty much anyone associated with the anime community, or maybe you just have a good personal anime story you would like to share? That’s what we are all about. Leave me comments, email me at or find us on Facebook!

Hamacon 2019: The End of an Era

This past weekend was the tenth Hamacon (Huntsville and Madison Anime Convention) and it also turned out to be the last Hamacon. My wife and I have been excited this entire year for these days to finally roll around. I believe we booked our hotel back in March and anxiously awaited until time to attend our home convention.

Sadly, about a week before Hamacon, we heard the rumor that it might be the last one, and our fears were soon confirmed as the day drew nearer with more rumors and eventually when we picked up our convention programs on Friday, it was right there in the introduction.

Hamacon was my first convention and it means a lot to me and to everyone else in our area. There are a ton of anime fans around here, and Hamacon was our time to come together and celebrate our love for anime. It has never been one of the biggest or greatest cons, but it was special to us, and although I tried in earnest to go out with a bang, their was a pervasive mood about the con of an era coming to an end, as well as (and this was what really got me down) a feeling that the whole thing was half-assed.

Perhaps it was me projecting my mood onto my experience, (I have been struggling a little bit these past couple weeks with my depression and some other personal problems) but although I had a good weekend, Hamacon X overall was a letdown.

Friday, July 19th

The con started at 10am, but my wife and I had some trouble trying to fix her iphone and get everything together so we ended up getting there around 2pm. Our check in wasn’t until 4pm, so we wandered around the con and got our bearings. I was shocked at first at how small it was, like I stated previously Hamacon has never been a huge convention, but the artist alley and dealers room had both shrunk by probably 30%. The arcade had dropped most of the games, they had 2 pinball tables, about 10 arcade machines, and a decent setup of tvs to play Smash Brothers and other games. Hamacon usually has a pachinko parlor but to my dismay, this was absent. There weren’t as many panels, and I didn’t find any of them interesting enough to really check out, I did end up in one once or twice throughout the weekend, but the sound was so bad I couldn’t hear the speaker well over the blasting kpop at the other end of the con and a random saxophone player right outside the door.

And the place felt like a ghost town on Friday, which I assumed most people would be coming the next day. I tried out my Rimuru cosplay for a bit, but it was so hot I couldn’t stand being in it for long, so I swapped to Dressrosa Luffy and maintained that for the rest of the con. Without much to do, we retired a little early, then my friend and I went downtown to a bar and eventually rented bikes and rode them around the park super fast until about 2am. This was probably the highlight of Friday.

Saturday, July 20th

Thankfully, Saturday started a little more promising. We woke up, and had some delicious complimentary breakfast.

(Let me go ahead and say this while I’m at it- the hotel we stayed in was an Embassy Suites, and everything about it was spectacular. Our room was great, we had an indoor pool, gym, free drinks, free breakfast, and the service was impeccable. We even were short a little bit of our payment and they waived our parking fee for us.)

We proceeded to the con, I was Luffy again. Got some picture requests, played some arcade games, looked at the merch again (Sadly, I didn’t bring much money with me so I was just window shopping this time.) Slowly more and more people trickled in and I began to get excited!

Everyone has their favorite things to do at a con, and the reasons that they go. Some love to cosplay, and they love to see all the other cosplays. Some go for all the awesome merchandise. People go to play in fighting game tournaments, to host or attend panels, etc. My favorite reason to go to a con is to connect with other people. I love to meet new friends, bond over our favorite animes, catch up with other con friends whom I may have not seen in a year or more. Pretty much, I go for the social aspect, and this time it was very disappointing.

No one seemed to really want to talk or connect. I tried time after time, to receive only annoyed looks. People seemed to be unapproachable, and still the feeling in the air was one of a conclusion. It was as if everyone was here just going through the motions of a convention, but the life just wasn’t there. It was perplexing really. I understand that there are people who are not as socially extroverted as others, but seriously, why are you going to go to a convention with all of these people that share your interests and just be an icy wall? Why are you going to cosplay and when someone recognizes you as their favorite character, you are not even going to give them the time of day? Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic about this, but honestly the life wasn’t there and the mood was sour, and it really just did it in for me. This convention I went home with no numbers and no new friends. Luckily, my close friends I went with were there to help me have a good time, and I fell back on them to make the whole thing worthwhile.

Later that night I watched an IDOL LIVE showcase, which was pretty cool. Then we tried to listen to MrCreepyPasta share some stories, but again the sound wasn’t done right and you could hardly hear him. There was a rave that night, and the DJ did a pretty good job actually, I had fun dancing (I love to dance) but again there was a horde of people just kind of standing around awkwardly. Honestly I spent a large portion of my Saturday back in the hotel room watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and I had more fun doing that then trying to connect with people and standing around with nothing to do. We left the next morning…

Man, reading back over this is a total bummer, but I DID have a fun weekend regardless of all that I’ve complained about. To the Hamacon staff, I’m sorry I don’t know how much of my displeasure was from organization and management on your part- The whole thing did have the feel of “this is the last one, we didn’t really want to do it but we will try”. But most of my qualms came more from the other attendees who seemed to want to have nothing to do with each other. How many times did I get to talk about anime with someone while I was there? Once or twice, no joke, and that’s just sad to me.

Here’s to Hamacon, and the end of an era. Rest in Peace.

Keep Up With Your Anime

Hey everyone! So a lot of us are obsessed with keeping up with the anime we watch and manga we read. It’s really awesome to see a list of everything you’ve watched and to have said list handy for others to see. It provides a fun almost video game like experience to try and watch more anime to raise your numbers.

In the past I tried some different ways to keep track of this. First was My Anime List. I thought it was really cool, but I didn’t care for the interface and how it was mostly based on user input. I cam across KITSU later for my phone and thought it was awesome, until I realized it had trouble finding some shows and had no community features whatsoever.

Anyways now I use Anime-Planet. Its an awesome website for tracking anime you are watching, have watched, or even want to watch. They have sections for manga, lists, reviews, forums, and you get your own badass profile page too! I love it, check it out and make sure to follow me Daehoidar18.