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  1. A Little About Myself: My name is Logan, but on the internet I often go by LuffyLogan or Daehoidar. I’m 28 years old, married to the woman of my dreams, and the father of two beautiful twin boys. Anime is my passion and I love discussing it and writing about it.
  2. A Little About This Blog: I wanted to start an anime blog with something unique to offer, so the focus of my blog leans toward anime culture, how anime helps us become better people and overcome problems, and on the Otaku fan base we all belong to. I want to share my story with readers, and hear other similar stories for inspiration.
  3. A Little About The Future: My goal as a blogger is to put out unique and engaging content and to highlight the effects anime and Otaku culture can have upon our lives. I also have a deeper dream that I need help with- to establish a community of anime lovers that can help and inspire one another, network creatively, and use anime to better lives.

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