MHA S4 Ep3 Recap: Boy Meets…

Here is my long overdue recap of MHA Season 4 Episode 3 (I apologize for the delay, I had some computer issues, but I got lucky that episode 4 was postponed until this coming Saturday).

We begin with Deku and Nighteye’s meeting at Nighteye’s hero agency. We last left Deku trying to make Nighteye laugh by doing his ridiculous All Might impression, and Nighteye… wasn’t impressed to say the least. Turns out Sir Nighteye is also a huge All Might fanboy (he has All Might memorabilia all around his office) and he’s a little upset that Deku actually got the eye wrinkles wrong for his impression.

Deku meets Sir Nighteye

This inevitably leads to an All Might “nerd-off” between the two, and I would say they are fairly equally matched. Deku pulls off some REAL nerdy explanation for why his eye wrinkles were a different size, and I think Sir Nighteye might be starting to favor him a slight bit behind his cold exterior.

Nighteye screws around with Deku a bit, wanting to know if he were to hire Deku, what the benefit would be to his company and the hero world. He decides to give Midoriya a test; if Midoriya can take the stamp from his hand before the time is up, Nighteye will stamp his paper and allow him to work under him.

Midoriya hops around like his little bunny self trying to grab the stamp. He tries some wall jumps, flings his backpack, a bunch of stuff but just can’t get close to Nighteye. It’s here we learn Nighteye’s quirk- if he touches a person’s face and looks into their eyes, he can see their future for the next hour. Yeah, a little OP, pretty damn cool though.

Sir Nighteye’s quirk allows him to see into the future

Deku struggles to find a way to get past his quirk as time continues to trickle down and Nighteye berates him. Nighteye also drops the hint that Midoriya doesn’t deserve One for All, and that it should have been given to the first successor All Might chose, which was Mirio.

Deku tries to fling papers into the air and destroy the office, thinking that Nighteye can only see his future and not the future of the things around him. He then launches into a very Gran Torino like final move, bouncing from wall to wall at insane speeds before crashing face first into a wall and falling to the ground (Leaving a gross, bloody nose trail on the way down). Deku laments that the reason he hit the wall face first was to avoid stepping on a commemorative All Might poster Nighteye has. Nighteye then notices that during the entire flurry of jumps, Deku totally avoided destroying or stepping on any of the All Might merchandise.

Mirio and Bubble Girl bust in to see what the loud bang they heard was, and Nighteye announces, “I’ll take him”. But it’s going to take everything Midoriya has to convince Nighteye that he is worthy of inheriting One for All.

It’s time for Midoriya’s first mission with Nighteye, Mirio, and Bubble Girl. There plan is to do surveillance on a small time villain making a splash with the League of Villains. A villain named Overhaul, of course.

After the credits we get a scene of Deku on his mission, where he runs into a small horned girl and the ominous villain Overhaul.

Deku runs into Overhaul

I enjoyed this episode more than the first two, even though not too much happened overall. Sir Nighteye is a pretty cool character, and it’s awesome that Deku could impress such a hard ass. (Don’t get me started on his weird tickling machine, that’s not cool.) I’m thinking we should really start to ramp up more in Episode 4.

My Favorite Thing: Watching Deku bounce around like Gran Torino was cool, glad he learned something with his time with him! Also, Bubble Girl is hot!

Next Week Preview: Next week it looks like the story will push a little further with a look at Sir Nighteye and All Might’s background together, as well as a pretty big reveal about All Might’s future.


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