MHA S4 Ep2 Recap: Overhaul

Episode 2 of My Hero Academia Season 4 is here, and we get some story progression, along with a peek at new villain Overhaul’s seemingly overpowered quirk.

Our episode begins with with a short segment showing Deku’s phone call with Gran Torino, where Torino suggests that Midoriya contact All Might’s old sidekick, Nighteye, to inquire about working under him in UA’s work study program.

Next we get a cut to the opening, and then things get deadly as we are taken to an intense meeting between Overhaul and the League of Villains.

New Villain, Overhaul meets with the League of Villains

The villain is introduced to the league as Overhaul, the leader of a small and unimportant Yakuza group. Shigaraki and Overhaul exchange a conversation about partnering up. Shigaraki wants Overhaul under him in the League of Villains, but Overhaul has other ideas. He suggests that the Shigaraki is unable to control his group of men and does not have a plan to move forward, then suggests that the League follow him and allow him to lead them.

Shigaraki replies, “Go Home”, and Magne jumps forward to attack the newcomer. First Magne has a very weird flashback that honestly I don’t really understand (If you get it, please let me know in the comments) and proceeds with a magnetic pull and a powerful thrust towards Overhaul. Overhaul places one finger on Magne’s skin and Magne’s body begins to bloat and distort. A few seconds later, he explodes and blood rains down. Our first taste of Overhaul’s power is overwhelming to say the least.

Overhaul easily handles Magne with one touch.

Mr. Compress now leaps forward and a small bullet flies from nowhere and hits him. He notes that he is “unable to use his quirk”, so it seems that the bullet is a auirk stopping bullet. Overhaul proceeds to blow the arm off of Mr. Compress. Another bullet flies but hits Overhaul instead of it’s intended target- a pissed off Shigaraki lunging with hand extended. Overhaul calls for a shield, and one of his men jumps in the way, taking the hit from Shigaraki and immediately decaying and crumbling.

Overhaul’s goons bust in and the decision is made to halt the fighting for the moment as both teams have lost one man each. Overhaul tells Shigaraki to contact them soon with an answer before leaving, and Shigaraki is left looking more inept than ever.

We swap now back to UA, where Aizawa tells the students that the teachers all agreed that they would rather not have the students complete the work study program, but have decided to allow it only if the students work with an agency that has a good track record of accepting students for work study. Why this decision was made, I don’t fully understand. This entire scene for me seemed kind of unneeded, maybe it was just so we could get a line or two out of Bakugo.

All Might will not introduce Midoriya to Nighteye for a few reasons, the most prominent being that the two are apparently not on good terms. Luckily, Mirio is called to All Might’s office and it turns out he has been work studying with Nighteye over the past semester and agrees to introduce Deku to him.

Fast forward a little bit and it’s time for Deku to meet Sir Nighteye. Nighteye has a reputation for being strict and serious. But Mirio tells Deku that in order for Nighteye to take him seriously and maybe allow him to work study under him, Deku must make him laugh at least once when they meet. We then see a scene of Bubble Girl, Nighteye’s sidekick, reading a report to the Hero. Nighteye stops her, saying that her report was humorless, and then places her on some diabolical tickling machine.

Midoriya and Mirio enter the room and Midoriya, in a vain attempt to get a laugh out of Nighteye, introduces himself with his best All Might impersonation, to which Nighteye replies angrily, “Are you ridiculing All Might!?”

Midoriya’s first meeting with Nighteye doesn’t go so well…

Overall. still not TOO much happened in this episode. And I really felt how MHA sometimes drops off its action scenes and normal Shonen stuff for little bits of slice of life and humor. But we love it, right? Also, Shigaraki should be exceptionally cool, but to me he just keeps screwing up and not taking action, I mean the League of Villains has just been chilling in that warehouse doing nothing since around the time All for One was defeated.

My Favorite Thing: Has to be Overhaul blowing the S*** up out of Magne (I never liked that character anyways) and Mr. Compress kind of deserved it too.

Next Week Preview: Next week we get to see how Deku’s first encounter with Sir Nighteye goes, and it looks like the hero has some kind of test in store for our protagonist!


Leave me comments and tell me how you liked the episode and if you think Shigaraki is a good villain or not, because I’m not sure anymore.

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