MHA S4 Ep1 Recap: The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

At the end of My Hero Academia Season 3 we were left with a whole world of upcoming possibilities. New, powerful heroes like Mirio, Nejire, and Tamaki, a dark new villain emerging as Overhaul, and also the tease of the show returning in Fall of 2019…

Finally, after such a long wait, My Hero Academia is back! I know we are all super excited to see what Season 4 has in store (except you manga readers, you scurvy dogs). I’ve decided to try something new and do a recap for each episode as the season goes on. I’ll keep this pretty light and fun, nothing too in depth here, but if you haven’t seen the episode in question beware of spoilers you know?

Anyways Season 4 Episode 1 The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A:

Don’t get too excited. Of course we are all hype to see what the season has to offer us, but we also have watched the show long enough to know we usually get a recap episode to start with, and that’s exactly what’s going on here.

They spiced it up a little, the basic premise being an investigating freelance journalist is trying to solve the mystery of who All Might will pass his hero’s torch too. He visit’s U.A. pretending to be working on an article about Class 1-A in general- how they spend their school and personal time, etc. But really he’s working to find out who All Might has chosen to be his protege.

What you get here is a basic rundown of every character in the class and how their quirks work (Like we don’t know them by heart, but hey I understand why they do this in case there are some new eyes this season). We get a couple candid shots of the class hanging out, we find out the journalists quirk allows him to produce camera lenses from any part of his body, and even print pictures from his chest. Like, if this guy chose any other profession with his quirk he would be an idiot.

Camera Lens Dude finds out that Midoriya is All Might’s Protege’… but doesn’t tell anyone.

But dude is pretty smart. He successfully narrows down the class members until he’s at Midoriya, then confronts him about his partnership with All Might. It’s a nice exchange, Deku feels and says some inspiring stuff, the journalist decides not to report what he’s found out and instead he gives the paper a picture of All Might eating some meat buns.

That’s really it. Like I said, just a recap, nothing crazy or plot progressing. But I was still just happy to watch it and so excited for it to heat up.

Oh and the new opening theme is okay, but it comes nowhere near the past few lit openings we have gotten..

My Favorite Thing: Not too much happened really so it’s hard to say what my favorite thing was from the episode. Either Mineta’s spazzy ass with a perverted joke, or Camera Dude’s (I really shouldn’t be lazy and just look up his name, sorry guys) quirk.

Next Week Preview: Looks like next week we dive into the darkness and see what the villains are up to, and what this Overhaul guy is all about!


*Please feel free to leave comments below discussing what you thought of the episode! I’d love to talk about some MHA!

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