Music to my Ears: Carole and Tuesday (Part 1) Review

Netflix has began to accumulate a hefty repertoire of original anime and sadly I’m not that up to date with most of them. A friend turned me on to Carole and Tuesday when he told me it was made by the same people that did Cowboy Bebop (come to find out it takes place in the same universe like Space Dandy does).

I put it on while my friend was over, knowing nothing about it. I soon learned it was about music and I’m a big music fan so that synced up well! It ended up being a great anime and it makes me wonder if I should try to mine some other Netflix originals for anime gold.

Carole and Tuesday follows two younger girls with dreams of being musicians. Carole is a refugee from Earth (the story takes place on Mars) who knows nothing of her family. She is a pianist and singer. Tuesday on the other hand has a family of powerful political figures that she has ran away from saying that she doesn’t belong there. Tuesday is a wonderful guitar player and songwriter.

The two meet up on a bridge where Tueday is playing to make some extra money and become fast friends. They form a duo using their combined talents and begin their rise to fame thanks to the help of an ex-retired music manager. From their the start by playing small gigs and working their way up to MARS’ FINEST, a tv show akin to American Idol. And that’s when things begin to get a little crazy.

The story is C&T is a classic rise from nothing troupe, but leave it to the Cowboy Bebop creators to add some special tension later on. The futuristic setting of the show is done perfectly. The technology you will see in enticing and nowhere near out of reach for the real world. The references to Instagram, Youtube, and the like give it a realistic feeling that I fully enjoyed.

Visually, Carole and Tuesday is above average only until you see it in motion, then it becomes even better. The actual preformance parts are done in a weird way that may take some time to grow on you, but in the end I really dug it.

The greatest part of the show is the music itself (makes sense for a music anime huh?) I wouldn’t be surprised if Carole and Tuesday drop an album soon, their songs are beautiful. Not only that, but the other artists in the show have some great songs as well, and they cover a wide arange of genres.

At only 12 episodes, C&T both wraps itself up pretty nicely but leaves you open to future adventures and wanting more. I’m not sure how long the wait is until we get the second part (Netflix has stated it will be late 2019), but I am fairly excited for it. Carole and Tuesday does not break new anime ground or blow your mind, but it is a solid music adventure with that cool flavor we have come to expect from the Bebop Team.

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