Fall 2019 Anime Preview

As the weather finally starts to cool down (well here in Alabama it’s still 96 degrees today!) it’s time to start hyping up the upcoming Fall 2019 anime season. I have been perusing over the charts [I like to use Anime Planet for this] to see what new exciting shows we have coming up, as well as continuations of some of our favorite series. Here’s some shows to keep your eyes on as we make our way through Autumn.

Also, I know I’m running a little late on putting this preview up, I apologize just bear with me here.

My Hero Academia Season 4

For a lot of us, the return of MHA will be the highlight of the Fall Season. I have personally been anxiously awaiting the return of Deku and all of class 1-A. Season 3 was great and I have purposely avoided the manga so that Season 4 will be all surprises for me. I expect the story to continue deepening and the villain threat to grow darker as we move forward. I’ve been debating on trying something new and doing episode summaries as the season goes on. Oh and it looks like we are getting a second MHA movie as well!

After School Dice Club

This one caught my attention because I am a hopelessly addicted board/card game fan. It looks like it follows some friends who visit a board game shop and fall in love with a GERMAN BOARD GAME (Settlers of Catan? That’s my all time favorite game). I’m guessing they continue to play other board games as the season goes along. Don’t know how compelling it will be, but I got to check it out.

Special 7: Special Crime Investigations Unit

Just started hearing about this one today, sounds like your classic anime version of Law and Order or CSI, except it also involves dragons that have taken human forms and a group (The 9) trying to take the dragons power. The police create a special group of investigators to protect the dragons and solve cases about The 9.

Radiant Season 2

Radiant is the number one selling manga and anime in.. France of all places. To tell the truth I was very hype for the show when I first heard about it. I watched up to about the 7th or 8th episode and it was just too slow, nothing was going on, and I didn’t care much for the characters. Maybe things have heated up some now in the second season and will entice me to go back and watch through. Some of the battles in the trailer for the first season looked amazing, the art is rather pretty as well.

A SH*T Ton of Isekais and Anime with Ridiculously Long Titles

As seems to be the trend right now, this fall will load us down with Isekais and a bunch of anime with long title names (Most are a fusion of both of these fads). I’m sure these will be hit or miss, the problem is finding out which ones you truly dig 🙂

Fall 2019 Continuing Anime

We can’t forget our beloved franchises that will continue into the Fall 2019 Season. The Wano Arc continues to rage on in One Piece as the Straw Hats head towards their confrontation with Kaido. Dr. Stone will face even more challenges as he struggles to save mankind. Fire Force will continue to amaze as we learn more of the other squads and the truth behind the Infernals. Also Boruto will do some stuff… I don’t really know what though.

Leave me comments on what you are most looking forward to this anime season!

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