What Loge’s Watching September 2019

‘Tis the first day of Fall, and here it still feels as if Summer is dragging it’s tail while trying to leave. But there is a scent of crispness in the air, and the sight of a few falling leaves excites me for the cool weather to come. Fall is personally my favorite time of year, and I wanted to let you know what I’m watching these days. Also, check back soon for a Fall 2019 Anime Preview!

Weekly: The wonderful work of art, Demon Slayer, is finally winding down to the end of it’s first season. Tanjiro’s freshman season was probably one of the best first seasons I have ever seen, perhaps even better than That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. I have been following it with much love and anticipation every week, and here we are with one episode to go. I’m excited to write up a review for it, I thought it was pretty fantastic.

I can’t forget our new summer time love, Fire Force! I catch it every week and it continues to deliver and also get better and better. I’m really excited to see where FF is going to go as it progresses forward.

And I also watch my One Piece episodes every Sunday. The Straw Hats are in The Land of Wano and we are being treated to samurais, sumo matches, geisha, and so far some cool fights and the return of some favorite characters (Law and Bepo, woohoo)!

The Daily Grind: When I’m grinding on some anime during the week I have been swapping between Naruto Shippuden and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Shippuden is such a slow burn for me but I’m making my way through it, while Jojo’s has become a recent favorite of mine. I finished Phantom Blood and Battle Tendencies and now I’m at Battle for Egypt in Stardust. I also try and resist the urge to watch One Piece again, although I haven’t done a very good job because I started over and am about at episode 100.

On The Side: Besides all this yummy anime, I really enjoyed the new season of Disenchantment that came out last Friday. I had a little marathon and binged both seasons back to back, it was hilarious and the story keeps getting deeper.

So there’s a little update on what I’ve been into, what about you guys? Leave me comments or message me and let me know what you are watching and if I should watch it or not. I have a lot of anime I left hanging that I need to catch up on (Neon Genesis Damn it). And I’m so excited for next month to finally pick back up My Hero Academia! Plus Ultra!

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