A Metamorphosis

I am so happy to be back and writing. Recently, my depression coincided with a fall-out of my outside world and I lost it. I took a couple weeks off to myself to help get my head under control and perhaps emerge from a dark cocoon as a glimmering butterfly and harrow in some new stage in my life.

Alas, we all know that plans never go all the way to fruition. But I did recede into myself for awhile. I analyzed who and what I was and started at the basics of “I AM” and worked my way outward. Eventually, I reached a place where I could examine talents that I might could utilize for the appreciation of the people. I am right here right now and I want to write to you about our favorite thing: Anime!

But I still have this urge to dig deeper and deeper into what this medium really means for us, and I will continue to do so. I am alive and feeling wonderful and I have a plethora of new ideas that I will begin to plant the seeds of soon. I have a direction I would like to take this blog and I will steer it that way, but perhaps the trails we find and wander along the way shall eventually compose itself?

Over the next few weeks I will be putting forward a bunch of new articles and ideas some may stick some might not, thanks to all of you who have helped me!

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