Fire Force: First Impressions

To tell the truth Fire Force didn’t really capture my attention at the beginning of the Summer 2019 Anime Season. I remember looking over the list and seeing the name and checking the description, but I guess I overlooked what all it said because I had the impression that it was just an anime about firefighters. I thought it sounded like a pretty neat and unique concept, but I did not give it anymore thought until my wife (she’s so great!) started watching it and kept recommending it to me.

Fire Force is an anime about fire fighters, but it goes much deeper than that. It takes place at an unspecified time in the future and the world is slowly falling apart. Rising temperatures have caused the sea levels to jump, eliminated a large part of landmass and pushing populations closer together. Society is also now plagued by the haunting phenomena of spontaneous combustion. Without any warning and seemingly at complete random, people have been bursting into flames, becoming a sort of demon figure known as Infernals. It is up to the Fire Force squads to respond to calls, eliminate fires, and using their own fire related abilities, put the Infernals to rest.

The show focuses on Special Fire Force Company 8 and their new recruit Shinra Kusakabe. Shinra is a third generation pyrokinetic, who specializes at creating flames from the bottom of his feet. Shinra is haunted by his past, as a child he accidentally caused a house fire that killed his mother and brother. This left him with a desire to join the Fire Force to save others. Fire Force Company 8 boasts a handful of other awesome characters, including a fire soldier who fights with a plasma sword and fashions himself as a knight, and another powerful fighter who summons and manipulates flames like a wizard might cast spells.

I absolutely love this show, and it is actually the only anime of the Summer season that I decided to keep up with ( I dropped Sounan Desu Ka and Dr. Stone). The world and plot are really interesting, the animation is awesome, and I really like all of the characters (And seeing some of the Manga art has me excited for what kinds of new characters and villains we may see as the series progresses). This anime is already getting hot, and I’m very sure it is going to blow up. If you only watch one anime from the summer season, let this one be it!

And thanks again to my beloved wife for getting me to watch it!

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