Every One Piece Fight Ever 007

Fight #007 Zolo vs. Cabaji the Acrobat (Buggy’s Second Mate)

Set and Setting: Mohji’s defeat at the hands of Luffy inspires the town mayor, Boodle to try and take matters into his own hands and challenge Buggy. Right about that time another Buggy Ball explodes into the mayor’s home, pissing Boodle off even more and awakening Zolo. Boodle takes off to find Buggy, and Luffy, Zolo, and Nami devise a plan to go and retake their sea chart of the Grand Line.

New Characters: Cabaji the acrobat makes his appearence.

New Techniques: Luffy inflates his body to use Gum Gum Balloon. Zolo uses his mighty “Oni Giri” on Cabaji to finish the fight.

Boodle confronts Buggy and his second mate, Cabaji the Acrobat. Buggy will not come down to face the mayor, and instead launches his hand with the Chop Chop fruit power and begins to strangle Boodle. Boodle continues to demand that Buggy come down and face him, he almost is killed from asphyxiation, when Luffy shows up and wrenches Buggy’s hand free, “I’m back, I told you I would clobber you!”, he exclaims. Boodle tries to stand and return to fighting and Luffy delivers a quick blow that knocks him out.

“Kill Him!”, Buggy yells and his crew fires another Buggy Ball straight at Luffy. Luffy inhales and expands GUM GUM BALLOON! The canon ball bounces off of Luffy’s rubber body and heads straight for Buggy and his crew, destroying the house they were standing on. After the smoke clears, Buggy, Mohji, and Cabaji (holding Mohji’s lion as a shield) stand ready to fight. Mohji warns Buggy of Luffy’s power and Buggy, pissed that he waited so long to tell him, throws Cabaji at the Straw Hats. Luffy delivers a wicked kick to Cabaji in mid air!

Cabaji rushes forward on his unicycle with sword in hand and is met by a a determined block from Zolo. Zolo is still weak from his previous injuries, but he decides to fight. Cabaji opens his mouth and spits fire at Zolo, his “Breath of Death”. Cabaji hits Zolo in the torso with a powerful kick and begins his second attack “Murder at the Steam Bath.” Dust is kicked up around the fighters making it hard to see. Cabaji strikes with an overhead sword slash and Zolo meets it with a three sword block, only to receive another powerful kick.

Had to use an anime picture here, but this is Cabaji’s powerful kick.

Zolo tries to stand, his injuries are holding him back. Cabaji taunts him and takes another strike, but this time Zolo strikes back with a punch, knocking Cabaji from his unicycle. Zolo stands and declares, “My goal is to be the world’s greatest swordsman.” He cuts a nice gash into his own torso, “Is that enough of a handicap?”, he asks,

Zolo cuts himself as a handicap to Cabaji

The two stand and exchange some talk with swords drawn. Cabaji throws spinning tops at Zolo and begins releasing a string of special attacks. “Dance of A Hundred Kamikaze Tops”, “A Hike In The Mountains”, “Fireworks In The Cool Summer Breeze”, etc. He jumps high and darts around

then comes down upon Zolo with a mighty sword slash. Buggy, from the sidelines, launches his hand at Zolo to hold him in place, but it is stomped on by Luffy who won’t have Buggy interfering. Zolo dodges the downward strike and a swift kick knocks Cabaji from his unicycle. Zolo assumes his pose and releases a powerful Oni Giri, defeating Cabaji before falling down himself.

And the winner is…? Zolo wins in an epic finish, but it took all the swordsman had, and he too falls to the ground.

BA Rating: 3.5/5 We finally see Zolo in a one on one fight, and even though he is hurt he kicks some ass!

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