What A Character May Mean To You Is Personal.

Okay this is weird but I was about to start working on a couple articles and I had an unnamed draft saved on my computer. I assumed since it was unnamed that it wouldn’t have any content, but below is what I found when I opened it. I don’t remember writing it at all, but it looks like I was talking about anime characters and how they mean so much to us? Just thought I’d go ahead and put it up since it’s a short read.

People can’t fathom how much an anime character may mean to you personally. There’s too many variables: Your mind, the way you think, the set and setting, your history, (what was your yesterday like?), different connotations for different words just because you are you.

For some reason these characters are more to you than just the labor of sketch artists, colorists, voice actors, and what not. That may be their physical make up, or the things it has taken to put them together, but at the end is it not picture of life?

What stands before you then is a living creature grown from an idea in the mind of someone. It worked its way through the mulling of other ideas and chit chat and nonsense like a horse pulling the plow through the mud. And it sat and froze until one day the sunshine of observation lit above it and from there did it grow and rise. and The sun thought that he had made the most beautiful thing,

Sunflowers as tall as Skyscrapers/

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