Dr. Stone: First Impressions

I wasn’t expecting too much from the Summer 2019 anime season after looking over the charts. Only one or two shows caught my eye, and I figured for the most part I would just spend the season staying up to date on One Piece and Demon Slayer. Luckily, I was wrong and I have three First Impression articles I’ve been excited to write up! I’ll start with Dr. Stone, the first one that caught my attention..

Dr. Stone is a unique new anime that stood out to me right away. Among the hordes of Shonen and slice of life shows we get every season, this one seemed a little different. The plot focuses around an Earth where everyone is instantly turned to stone. The cause so far is unknown (I’m going with aliens) but the Earth grows around a life devoid of humans for about 3700 years when finally the brilliant scientist Senku Ishigama awakens along with his friend Taiju Oki and they begin their plans to recreate human society in “leaps and bounds”.

Dr. Stone is technically an isekai, and it is steeped in science and crafting. It’s really neat to learn all of the different chemical compounds and follow the progression of technology from stone age onward in such a fast paced manner (I’ve always been a chemistry nerd so this show hits the spot). But there is more to the show as well. Beginning early on, Senku and Taiju release another high school student who was known as the “primitive top athlete” for help against a pack of lions that was chasing them. I won’t go into all of the details, but his friendly nature soon turns sour and we are faced with the shows first antagonist.

The art is a little zany most of the times, and the pacing can seem a little wack. I’ve also noticed some problems with the translation (it’s either that or some of the dialogue is just as zany as the rest of the show) but other than that I’m enjoying it.

Check back in the next couple days, I’ll have First Impressions of Are You Lost? and Fire Force!

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