Fight #006 Luffy (+ Chou Chou) vs. Mohji The Lion Tamer (Captain Buggy’s First Mate)

Set and Setting: Luffy (still in a cage), Nami, and Zolo barely made it away from Buggy and his crew. They search for a hiding spot but Zolo’s injuries take a toll on him and he collapses from too much blood. Meanwhile, Buggy takes the attack as a declaration of war and sends his first mate, Mohji The Lion Tamer to dispose of the three.

New Characters: We meet a local town dog, Chou Chou, and Boodle the mayor or Port Town. Buggy’s First Mate Mohji also makes his first appearance.

New Techniques:

Luffy, Zolo, and Nami have escaped Captain Buggy for the moment, and Zolo promptly passes out from blood loss. Boodle the Mayor comes along and introduces himself and takes Zolo to his house to rest. Boodle introduces Luffy and Nami to a local dog named Chou Chou, who’s owner passed away so Chou Chou stands guard of his owners old pet food store.

Soon, Mohji and his lion Richie arrive…

Mohji and his Lion, Richie…

Mohji claims to be able to tame any animal and tries to get Chou Chou to shake, Chou Chou instead bites his arm causing Luffy to laugh and further provoke Mohji about his weird hair. Mohji asks for the whereabouts of Roronoa Zolo and Luffy refuses to tell. Mohji becomes enraged and sics Richie on Luffy. Richie bites the cage in two, freeing Luffy to fight!

“Hooray, I’m Free!” Luffy yells before Richie delivers a huge blow that knocks Luffy through a house.

While Luffy recovers, Richie turns and sees the pet food store, guarded by Chou Chou. Chou Chou stands his guard as Richie approaches, and then a quick paw lash sends Chou Chou flying as well. Chou Chou jumps back up, barks, and then lunges for Mohji and latches onto his arm. The pet food store is Chou Chou’s treasure, his last bit of his owner he has left, and he guards it with his life.

Mohji is pissed and sets fire to the pet food store, and Chou Chou stands outside barking. Luffy finally finds Mohji and Richie in the commotion. “You should be dead!”, Mohji exclaims. “It takes more than a kick to kill me!”, Luffy exclaims, “I’m a rubber man!” HE then twists his arms around each other and extends them, grabbing Richie, and lifts and slams him down with a powerful Gum Gum Gavel!

Mohji has a change of heart and Richie is out of commission. HE tries to offer Luffy gold to spare him, but Luffy says it’s too late for apologies. He reaches out and grabs Mohji with his left arm and with his right, he delivers a freaking strong ass punch and Mohji is done for. BAM!

Luffy hands some dog food to Chou Chou that he saved from the burning building and comments on his good fighting..

And the winner is…? Luffy and Chou Chou by a long shot. Now it’s time to finish off Buggy!

BA Rating: I’d say a 2.5/5. It was cool seeing Chou Chou stand up and fight a lion, and Luffy’s epic punch at the end just grounded Mohji.

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