Neon Genesis Evangelion First Impressions + Small Netflix Rant

*Before I start this article I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a week or two. I tore the ligaments in my foot which caused me to miss a lot of work, I was kind of broke for awhile and started to get a little depressed. I took a week off to try and work on myself a little and get better. We all have some sadness sometimes, which is why we have the things we love and our close friends to help us. But without further ado…

Neon Genesis: Evangelion First Impressions

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but this is my first time to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion! Neon Genesis: Evangelion is an anime classic from the beautiful year of 1995. I have always heard much about it, have a multitude of friends who have watched it, and yet somehow I have always skipped over it all of these years. When I heard it was to be put on Netflix (I’ll rant a little about them at the end of the article), I got excited to finally check it out.

One reason I believe I put it off so long is because I’ve never been that big a fan of mechs or Mech Anime. But much like Darling in the Franxx, the mech type battles seem to be more background noise for a psychological story that at times seems too real.

The mechs from Neon Genesis, known as EVA’s.

The art style of the show reminds me of old classics like Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho, but while those still hold such charm, something about Evangelion’s look just hasn’t aged that well. So far the writing is at best okay and sometimes laughable, and the voice acting is sub par (Even the sub wtf?). The cinematography is the only aspect of the show that really shines to me, and yet I can’t seem to stop watching. Something about Evangelion feels so unique in a way that I don’t think it can ever be replicated.

So is it good? I’m really not sure yet, but hopefully I will know by the end. What I can say now is that it is real in a haunting way, the kind of way that taking too much over the counter cough medicine can make things feel so dark, far away, and serious.

Oh and he might get cooler, but Shinji is kinda a cry baby for real..

[Netflix Rant]

Alright, so I’m just gonna get on a soapbox for a second. You may have heard that Netflix has botched up our anime. I don’t know what all was messed with from the original version. I know the audio was re dubbed, and it no longer plays “Fly Me to the Moon” at the end. Also, one of the things causing the biggest fuss seems to be the changing of some dialogue between Shinji and [other male character]. This caused a change of the way the two feel about each other from a possibly homosexual type relationship to a purely platonic one.

Now I can see why this upsets people. For one, why would Netflix (Who I thought was usually left leaning politically) screw this part of our show up when they have countless other shows (Big Mouth, 13 Reasons Why, etc.) that have far more homosexual interactions (and more mature sexual themes as well)? WHY? To me this is a kick to the LGBTQ community that is just uncalled for. But what really pisses me off, is that they have taken an artists vision and screwed with it. I’m not sure if I’m getting the REAL Evangelion or not.

So screw you Netflix for this unnecessary witchcraft. Okay, my rant is over.

Thank you for reading! Please leave me comments below and tell me how you like Neon Genesis. And always you can email me at to talk about anime or offer ideas, criticisms, anything! I’d love to talk to you!


  1. Ive never known exactly why I love neon so much. I’ve always caught flak from everyone saying it’s ridiculous, and ends terribly, which in essence, it kind of does, lol. But I dont know, I’ve always been drawn to watching it any random chance I’ve gotten, overall it’s not the worst thing ive ever watched, but for whatever reason i love it. Perhaps I enjoy the aspect of how it dives into certain characters emotions, or that I can relate to certain ones. I just really feel it Everytime I watch. I agree though, what Netflix did was horseshit all the way around. And I also completely agree shinji is definitely a crybaby to the end, lmao. I hope you end up enjoying some aspect of it though. Thanks for the good reads, and laughs, they help for sure. As soon as I saw what your blog was called, I knew I uad to look into it. Anime oddly enough can definitely save lives. Keep it up, we look forward to it.


    • Thank you for my first comment ever haha and it was a great one 🙂 I am enjoying Neon Genesis Evangelion despite my qualms I have with it, like you said there’s just something about it that kinda gets you. Thanks for reading and for the positive comments! :3


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