What Loge’s Watching June 2019

June is heating up here but the nights are nice and cool and perfect to make a little fire or watch some anime.

Here’s my watch list for the month!

Weekly: of course I’m catching One Piece every week, although the Reverie arc has been a little boring- a lot of flashbacks! But only a couple weeks until Wano! And my wife and I have gotten very nicely into Demon Slayer.

The Daily Grind: Mainly I’ve been swapping between Hunter X Hunter and Naruto Shippuden. Honestly, I haven’t been making the progress I would like because of…

On The Side: I got addicted to The Handmaid’s Tale and The Orville on Hulu and those combined with an AMAZING Nintendo Switch game called Lyrica– some of my anime time has been eaten up.

So I wanna know what everyone else is watching too! And maybe get some ideas about some others series to start. I’ve been thinking of Rise of the Shield Hero? Anyways, leave comments here or on the FB link and let me know what’s good!

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