Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: First Impressions

I was hanging out at a friends house having a Hunter x Hunter marathon (We watched the entire Yorknew/Phantom Troupe arc, it was lit), and when a couple friends went downstairs to smoke (Neither I or my friend Eddie Smoke) he paused Hunter x Hunter and said he was gonna watch a little Demon Slayer until they got back.

He explained a little of it to me, it sounded interesting, he said he would start at the first episode if I wanted, I said it didn’t matter to me, he did start it at episode one and I’m glad he did.

Demon Slayer follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado who lives with his family in a very rural part of the land. They live on a mountain, and make and sell coal at the village near the mountain base to make a living, One morning Tanjro heads down to sell coal, by the evening time while he is heading back a storm is brewing and it’s getting late, A neighbor puts him up for the night, warning him of the storm, the cold, and the demons that come out in the night.

The next day Tanjiro makes it up to his home, but the scent of blood (Tanjiro has an extremely acute sense of smell) leads him to a tragedy. His whole family, save one sister has been killed by demons, And his sister, upon coming in contact with demon blood has began to change into a demon herself. Tanjiro learns of the Demon Hunting Corps and begins his training to slay demons, and hopefully along the way figure out how to turn his sister back to normal,

The whole show evokes a darker tone than most anime, and is very addicting one you start to watch. The animation is crisp and beautiful. and as the show progresses the fights get cool and cooler. Eventually, they blend between normal animation and something akin to ancient Chinese paintings. Tanjiro continues fighting demons and his search for his sisters cure,

I like the show a lot, I’m almost caught up so I’ll be able to watch it week to week. Sometimes I find the intermediate times between action sequences a little slow, but it seems to help flesh out the kind of world Tanjiro lives in,

Check it out and keep a watch on this one. It’s going to blow up for sure 🙂

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