The Promised Neverland: Go in Blind for Best Results

There is a small family owned Chinese restaraunt pretty close to my home that my wife and I often eat at. Not only is the food delicious, but me and a couple of the workers there usually end up talking about and recommending anime and manga to each other.

A couple weeks ago, one of the younger girl workers said she had been hooked on “The Promised Neverland”. She had a lot of praise for it, and said it was even only 12 episode so it would be a quick binge. I started to question her about what type of show it was/what it was about/etc. At first she began to explain but then quickly stopped and said, “it would be better of I didn’t tell you about it and you just watch it- that’s what I did.”

Needless to say I was intrigued, but the name of the show kind of slipped my mind until a couple days later I was scrolling through Crunchyroll and came across it. (Luckily the description didn’t give too much away either!)

I decided to check it out, my wife wanted to watch it too so we started it up! We could have binged the whole thing in one go, but we had to get a little sleep (it was still pretty hard to stop) so we hopped up the next morning and finished the second half.

The Promised Neverland was completely awesome. It was intriguing, smart and careful, downright creepy at times and fairly sad at others. After watching it I have come to the same conclusion- its worth it to step into this one completely blind and let the show sink its teeth into you. For that reason I’m gonna leave out all plot details here. Just trust me on this one!

It was a breath of anime fresh air, especially compares to the types of shows I usually tend to watch. It was enjoyable throughout the entire 12 episodes, with hardly any downtime. It also wraps itself up very nicely, but does leave itself and its peculiar world wide open for more seasons. (And actually, right before writing this I saw an article confirming Season 2 in 2020)

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