Fight #005 Nami and Zolo (Luffy Stuck in a Cage) vs. Captain Buggy the Clown and his Crew

*Just as a side note: We are finally entering East Blue Vol. 2! Things will start to heat up as Luffy, Zolo, and Nami take on Buggy and his first mates.

Set and Setting: Luffy and Zolo said their goodbyes to Coby (who joined the Navy and began to pursue his dreams) and sailed away. But without a navigator, or any knowledge of maps or sailing, the Straw Hat duo ends up drifting at sea until they come upon Orange Island. There they meet the infamous thief Nami who steals only from pirates and learn that Captain Buggy the Clown is causing chaos in town. Luffy and Zolo are separated, and Nami tricks Luffy, tying him up and delivering him to Buggy.

New Characters: Nami the thief ❤ and Buggy the Clown both make introductions in this fight, as well as some members of Buggy’s Crew

New Techniques: Nothing really in this fight, we do get to see Nami fight a little with her staff and we witness the power of Buggy’s Chop Chop Fruit.

Buggy the Clown and his crew ravage Orange Town

Nami has tricked Luffy, stolen his Grand Line map, and delivered him to Buggy the Clown. Buggy accepts this as a petition from Nami to join his crew and locks Luffy in a cage. Zolo is nowhere to be found.

Buggy and his crew begin an extravagant party; drinking and firing “Buggy Balls” (super explosive cannon balls) into the town. Buggy turns to Nami and asks her to use a Buggy Ball on Luffy as a show of her dedication to him and the crew. Nami tries to talk her way out of it but the crew continues to press her. Eventually, a crewmate steps up to light the Buggy Ball himself and Nami retaliates with an overhead strike from her staff.

Buggy and his crew charge at Nami, and all the while the fuse is slowly burning on the cannon aimed directly at Luffy! Nami gets a couple more nice hits, but the pirates are slowly surrounding her. Then a slash lights up the air as Zolo appears.

Zolo and Buggy exchange a few words before Zolo lunges with a powerful 3 sword strike. Buggy is cut into several different pieces and the battle seems over, but while Zolo and Luffy argue over how to break the cage Zolo is stabbed from behind. He turns to see Buggy’s disembodied hand holding a dagger and floating in mid air. This is the power of the Chop-Chop fruit, it allows Buggy to separate and replace his body parts and to control them while they are detached.

Zolo takes a pretty bad stab to the side by Buggy’s Chop-Chop Power

Luffy yells to Buggy, calling him “Big Nose” which infuriates the Clown. His floating hand and dagger fly towards Luffy in the cage… But Luffy catches it all badass like between his teeth. Luffy then yells for Zolo to run. As Zolo takes off, Buggy launches two more dagger wielding hands at him, but Zolo easily deflects both. Zolo runs to a cannon (loaded with a Buggy Ball) and lifts it backwards to point it at Buggy and his crew. Nami lights the fuse and the cannon blasts a huge hole in the wall and scatters Buggy’s crew.

Zolo wastes no time, he uses his incredible strength to grab the cage Luffy is locked in and hoists it on his back. Buggy emerges from the smoke and debris and yells, “You’re not going anywhere!” but its a little too late. Zolo, Luffy, and Nami are gone and the key to the cage is missing as well.

And the winner is…? Zolo and Nami saved Luffy and got away, but barely. Now they will have to contend with Buggy and his first mates. Zolo also took some pretty bad injuries.

BA Rating: 1.5 of 5. Zolo and Nami were mainly running away plus Luffy was stuck in a damn cage.

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