Keep Up With Your Anime

Hey everyone! So a lot of us are obsessed with keeping up with the anime we watch and manga we read. It’s really awesome to see a list of everything you’ve watched and to have said list handy for others to see. It provides a fun almost video game like experience to try and watch more anime to raise your numbers.

In the past I tried some different ways to keep track of this. First was My Anime List. I thought it was really cool, but I didn’t care for the interface and how it was mostly based on user input. I cam across KITSU later for my phone and thought it was awesome, until I realized it had trouble finding some shows and had no community features whatsoever.

Anyways now I use Anime-Planet. Its an awesome website for tracking anime you are watching, have watched, or even want to watch. They have sections for manga, lists, reviews, forums, and you get your own badass profile page too! I love it, check it out and make sure to follow me Daehoidar18.

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