I’m Excited

I’m sitting here in a Books-a-million, I came today to get some time to myself, drink some coffee, and work a little on the blog. When I entered, I did my usual browsing of the store, I try to take a peak at the philosophy books to see if anything catches my eye, look over some of the nature and gardening books. Recently, I’ve also been looking for books on Africa and Uganda. I have made a friend there who is a dear brother to me now, and I plan on going to be with him next year, so I’m learning all about that (sadly I could not find any books about Uganda here today).

Eventually, my search leads me to the Manga section. I enjoy just taking in the breathtaking amount of content that’s offered to me, I like the colors and the fonts that pop out to me. I picked some out here and there, I looked at the final volume of Bleach, and checked out a little of Luffy’s fight with Katakuri. I picked up some of the Jun ji Ito horror collections, they feel so cool and heavy in my hands and the paper smells so good. It reminds me of time’s reading them on the bus on the way to school.

I got really excited looking at all of them, because I remembered how much is still out there that I haven’t even touched yet. There are hundreds of classics and each one is someone’s favorite story and it may have helped them through tough times, and I want to read all of that and know all of those feelings and I want people to tell me how these stories and characters MADE THEM FEEL DEEP INSIDE. I’m addicted to it and I need to find out, so please leave me comments and or email me and tell me personal things about anime and manga and your involvement in this amazing community, I really want to know you all and pick your brain.

And I’m so very excited, because this blog is just the beginning.

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