Every One Piece Fight Ever 004

FIght #004 Luffy and Zolo vs. Axe Hand Morgan and his Men

Set and Setting: Luffy and Koby have come upon a navy base. In the yard of the base they find Roronoa Zolo, an infamous bounty hunter and swordsman, is being held captive. Luffy plans on recruiting Zolo to the crew but first he has to help bust him out. Luffy retrieves Zolo’s swords and rushes to Zolo, who is just about to be executed…

New Characters: Welcome Roronoa Zolo! Its going to be fun writing about these battle now that Zolo is involved. He uses the three sword style. Axe Hand Morgan is a navy captain with an actual axe for a hand. His son Helmeppo is also on the navy base with him.

New Techniques: We see the Gum Gum Rocket used at the start of the battle and we get to see the Gum Gum Whip and Gum Gum Pistol during battle. There is also a fleeting moment that looks like a Gum Gum Stamp!

Axe Hand Morgan shows up for Zolo’s execution

This battle starts with a bang as the firing squad that should serve Zolo his death penalty pulls the trigger. Bullets fly across the navy courtyard and Luffy Gum Gum Rockets his way in front of Zolo and the bullets bounce off his rubber skin heading in every direction.

Luffy hands over Zolo’s swords, and Zolo decides to be a part of Luffy’s crew. Luffy tries to untie Zolo, but then gives him the swords and with a beautiful slash Zolo cuts himself free and lands in the midst of some navy crewmen. “The first one who moves dies!”

Luffy yells for Zolo to duck and slings his leg out in a powerful GUM GUM WHIP that crashes into a line of soldiers. Luffy and Zolo stand ready to face more foes. Axe Hand Morgan demands that all the cowards in his unit shoot themselves in the head, but Luffy interjects, Hey! I’m your enemy! Try putting me to death!” as he throws a punch that Morgan blocks with his axe hand.

Axe Hand Morgan takes a huge swing at Luffy and Luffy deftly jumps above it, the cut slashes a fence clean in two. Luffy thrusts his feet into the captains face (A gum gum stamp although not by name) and sends him flying. Morgan makes another powerful chop and Luffy spins around and delivers another nice kick to his face. “I’m not gonna die!” Luffy has him on the ground about to hit him again..

“STOP!” Helmeppo has Koby held at gunpoint and threatens to shoot if Luffy makes one more move. Koby is handling it quite nicely though. Luffy winds up and delivers an amazing Gum Gum Pistol to Helmeppo to save Koby, but Axe Hand Morgan has appeared right behind Luffy, he raises his axe about to strike and Zolo quickly streaks past and ends Morgan with a slash.

And the winner is..? Luffy and Zolo work pretty well together!

BA Rating: 2 of 5. It was a pretty cool fight, and it was awesome to see Luffy and Zolo working together for the win.

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