200% Mob Psycho Season 2 Delivers!

Recently I have had a little obsession with Mob Psycho, the new anime by the creator of One Punch Man. I just finished up watching Season 2 last week and I can say that it delivers everything that Season 1 had plus much more. I think they have really outdone themselves with this one and avoided the sophomore slump (Which actually is there even a Sophomore Slump in anime? I’ll have to look into that soon..)

Beware of SPOILERS below if you haven’t watched Season 2!

Mob’s powers continue to grow and he must face his emotions at every turn…

Season 1 of Mob Psycho was great, so how did they improve upon a solid foundation? As far as the story goes we continue where Season 1 left off. Shigeo continues to work and study under Master Reigen to improve his control over his psychic powers. As Reigen’s Spirits and Such business continues to gain in popularity, they continue to face bigger threats. They hunt down urban legends and meet new espers along the way. The mid season rears its head with an incredible inner mind battle between Shigeo and the evil spirit of an old famous psychic. It continues to awe from there until the very end as Reigen and Mob have a falling out but make up just in time to team up with some unlikely friends and start the final showdown with the leader of Claw, who is trying to bring his dramatic plan to a head. Along the way, Mob’s powers continue to grow and he easily learns new abilities along the way. But he also must constantly battle his raging emotions and not let them overtake the his morals that he holds so dear. It’s a great way to have an overpowered protagonist in a show without losing any of the luster (something I believe ONE has learned from writing One Punch Man.)

The art in Mob Psycho is borderline psychedelic, and grows on you fast..

The ridiculous art style of Mob Psycho (I would describe it as minimalist-semipsychedelic-postpop art but I just like to sound like I know stuff..) has easily become for me one of the greatest parts of the show, and one of its standout features. The battles in Season 2 have gotten more cataclysmic, more explosive, and more beautiful. The power scale ramps up at an unprecedented level that makes the next fight better than the one before.

Another thing I would like to applaud Season 2 for is finding the perfect balance of Shigeo’s more “slice of life” moments at school vs. the crazy esper psychic warfare that dots the seasons landscape. I feel it was decent in Season 1, but was a focus of Season 2 that they nailed.

I really can’t think of much bad to say about it.. hmmm I do miss the opening theme from Season 1. The one from Season 2 is good, but Season 1’s was so dope and hyped me up to see Mob fight every time! I’ll be following this anime closely as it moves forward, here’s hoping for an amazing Season 3!

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