Every One Piece Fight Ever 003

Fight # 003 Luffy Vs. Iron Mace Alvida

Set and Setting: After setting out to sea and finding himself in a deadly storm, Luffy awakens and bursts from a barrel aboard the pirate Alvida’s ship, docked at a local island. He meets Coby, a young man in servitude to Alvida, and Luffy teaches him to finally stand up for himself and pursue his own dreams.

New Characters: We meet Coby, a young boy who dreams of being a in the Navy, and Iron Mace Alvida, a rather large and menacing female pirate who is fairly unattractive (but don’t tell her that).

New Techniques: Nothing new today, we see Gum Gum Pistol again though.

Iron Mace Alvida, the “beauty” of the sea…

Fight number three is another quick little skirmish (we will be getting to the good ones pretty soon though)! Luffy vs. Alvida. After Alvida discovers Coby and Luffy near a boat that Coby had built, she crashes into the scene swinging her favorite weapon- a giant iron mace. It easily destroys the boat and Alvida demands that Coby repent so she spares him. Alvida asks Coby who the fairest in all the seas is. Luffy quickly blurts out calling her a “tough looking old biddy” and Coby rustles up the courage to call her “The Ugliest Old Hag of All”.

Alvida flies into a rage and swings the club down upon Luffy’s head with all of her might. Luffy doesn’t flinch, “That didn’t hurt” he says, “because I am made of rubber!” He winds up and one Gum Gum Pistol is enough to defeat Alvida.

And the Winner is..? Luffy! Woohoo! (And Coby kinda)

BA Rating: 1 of 5 Still nothing really badass has went down, but it’s on the way I promise! Stay tuned for fight number 004 coming soon!

As always thank you! Comment below or email me with questions, ideas, etc.

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