Movie Night! Wolf Children

It’s anime movie night! Grab your popcorn (actually for this movie I envision maybe tea and cookies) and snuggle up on the couch with your s/o or someone you care for and check out Wolf Children, directed by Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizo/Madhouse.

Wolf Children directed by Mamoru Hosoda 2012

The plot of the movie follows a single mother who moves to the countryside to raise her two half wolf, half human children. It’s incredible to see some of the things the family goes through and it’s inspiring watching the mother work so hard to give her kids a good life. I believe the underlying theme is one of getting to know oneself, and being comfortable with who we really are. Pretending to be someone your not is not only tiring, but it never seems to work out in the end.

I had a wonderful time watching this movie with my Wife, and she loved it as well. Its a beautiful, moving film filled with darkness and sad moments but also tears of joy and enlightening and calm nature moments. Studio Chizo did a wonderful job here and I’m about to check out some more of Mamoru’s movies.

A beautiful family 🙂

Watch it with someone special and make sure to cuddle after!

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