Every One Piece Fight Ever 002

Fight # 002 Luffy vs. Local Sea King

Set and Setting: Luffy sets out to Sea ten years after the event with Shanks and the mountain bandits. He is now seventeen years old and begins his quest to become the King of the Pirates.

New Characters: None, We’ve seen Luffy and the Sea King Before

New Techniques: This will be the first appearance of Luffy’s infamous “Gum Gum Pistol” where he stretches him arm forward in a powerful flying punch.

The first Gum Gum Pistol used on the local Sea King.

Ten years have passed since Luffy’s experience with Shanks and the Mountain Bandits, and now it is time for Luffy to finally set out on his own and take his first step towards becoming the King of the Pirates. While on the water the residential Sea King quickly makes an appearance. Luffy winds up and pulls his arm back, then slams it forward releasing and huge amount of strength in the first ever “Gum Gum Pistol”

This is one of those “one and done” fights. Luffys incredible strength easily knocks out the poor Sea King, and Luffy sails on into a storm.

And The Winner Is..? Luffy of course

BA Rating: 1 of 5 Although seeing the first Gum Gum pistol is awesome, and Luffy one hitting a giant sea monster is also very cool. I can’t say that this fight is very badass, sorry…

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