Why I Don’t Write Reviews

If you are a frequent visitor of the blog, you know that reviews aren’t really the main focus here. Although I do sometimes write my “Kind Of” reviews, they will be few and far between and there are a handful of reasons for this. There are plenty of amazing blogs out there that do a wonderful job of reviewing anime and I like to leave that job in the hands of the more capable.

The first and main reason I do not write reviews is that Anime Saved My Life is an anime blog more about anime culture as a whole, the eclectic fan base, and the positive effects anime has had on our lives individually and as a group. While I do enjoy writing about anime that I enjoyed, I prefer to write those kind of articles when I just really want to get the word out about an amazing show. I leave out a rating format of any kind, and tend to mainly go over the best parts of the show. Honestly, it’s more of a plea from me to you to watch whatever I’m rambling about.

The next reason I don’t review is actually a little selfish, almost embarrassing to say but I’ll put it out there. I work full time (Usually 50 hours) during the week, am raising twin boys that are right at two and a half years old, and kind of have a social life on the weekends. My anime viewing time is already a little sparse, I have to squeeze in some episodes when I can. Writing reviews would force me to watch anime I otherwise wouldn’t care to watch (or maybe not want to watch at that moment) and it would cut into my time that I use to work on anime that’s already on my watch list and anime I’m really digging. I just can’t bring myself to cut off Hunter X Hunter to watch some slice of life I’m just not into (nothing against slice of life though).

The final reason I stray away from writing review articles goes a little bit deeper. How many time have you went and seen a movie that critics hated, and thoroughly enjoyed it? How many times have you been going off about your favorite anime only to be told that it sucks? (I actually get this a decent amount being a One Piece fanatic). What I’m getting at here is that with any form of art, people seem to have different opinions and different likes and dislikes. What one might absolutely enjoy, another may hate. Therefore, when trying to review something, even when doing your best to be objective, we always put our personal spin on how everything played out, and that just might not be the same experience another had. I’m fairly certain this phenomenon exists even more within the anime community.

Any anime you see that has went through all of the work to draw, color, voice, promote, etc. can’t really have been god awful right? I mean the really horrible stuff would never make it through the pitch, nevertheless the long process to becoming finished product. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are an eclectic group as a fan base, we all have our own likes and dislikes, and we might perceive a show differently than another.

All of that aside, the thought of trying to make a decent rating system (1-5, 1-10, etc) and abide by it makes my head spin, so I’ll just stray away from that.

You’ll see me write some “Kind Of” reviews here and there i’m sure, but these are the reasons you won’t see it too much on the blog. But keep coming back for more articles you can’t find anywhere else! Next week i’m going to look at the word “weeb”, its origin, and how it has evolved today! Please subscribe to our email group and follow us on FB and like always comments and criticisms are encouraged!

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