Every One Piece Fight Ever 001

Fight # 001- Luffy and Shanks’ Crew vs. The Mountain Bandits

Set and Setting: Outside of the Tavern in a small harbor village. Mountain Bandits enter the bar where a young Luffy and Shanks’ Crew are staying and pour alcohol on Shanks, upsetting Luffy. Luffy later encounters the bandits alone and decides to stand up for his friends.

New Characters: We see Luffy and Shanks involved in a fight for the first time, along with some of Shanks’ crew. Higuma the Bear and his Mountain Bandits head up the enemy squad. Also making an appearance is the island’s local Sea King.

New Techniques: No new named techniques are really used, although we do see a sneak peak of Conquerors’ Haki for the first time.

Higuma the Bear (it was hard to find a good picture of him actually..)

Higuma The Bear and his group of Mountain Bandits have Luffy out in the street punching and kicking him. Luffy tries retaliating, but his punches and kicks are weak. Higuma dodges one of Luffy’s right hooks, grabs his cheek, and slams him into the ground (causing Luffy to stretch some in the process). Higuma steps onto Luffy’s head, pushing him into the ground.

Shanks and his crew arrive just in time. Shanks remarks that Luffy wasn’t there to greet them at the harbor so he knew something was wrong. One of the bandits steps up and points a gun at Shanks. Before he can pull the trigger, “BOOM!” he is shot in the head by one of Shanks’ crew members (The jolly one that is always eating a hunk of meat- his name is Lucky Roux).

After some bickering, Higuma sends some more men at Shanks and his crew. Shanks’ first mate (Ben Beckman) steps up, puts his cigarette out in the first bandits eye, and quickly disposes of the rest with some fast blows from his rifle. Higuma freaks out at this point, throws a smokescreen, and in the confusion, escapes with Luffy. Shanks quickly heads off to find them.

Higuma has escaped on a small boat with Luffy. After some lame monologue, Luffy takes a shot at him, but misses. Higuma punts Luffy into the ocean, where Luffy begins to drown due to his inability to swim from his Devil Fruit abilities. All of the sudden a giant Sea King emerges and takes a huge chomp out of the boat and Higuma. He turns on Luffy, teeth barred, and lunges! Shanks shows up in the nick of time and deftly pulls Luffy out of the way. He then turns to the Sea King and commands him to leave (our first glimpse of Conquerors’ Haki ). Luffy is saved, but not without a price. Shanks has lost his arm to the Sea KIng’s ferocious bite…

Shanks loses an arm to the mighty Sea King.

And The Winner Is..?: Luffy and Shank’s are the victors here, although Shanks did lose an arm in the process (he honestly wasn’t too upset about it, he was just happy Luffy was okay.)

BA Rating: 1.5 of 5 The fight is mostly one sided but we see a couple of cool moves. Also Shanks losing am arm without a sweat is fairly badass.

Thanks for reading the first part of my series Every Fight In One Piece Ever! Please leave me comments below telling me how you liked (or disliked) it! Any suggestions of how I can improve these articles would be greatly appreciated!

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